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1950-1965 Fads and Fashions

No description

taylor conway

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of 1950-1965 Fads and Fashions

Fads and Fashions Men's and Women's Casual Children's Clothing Accessories Hair and Makeup Fads Men's and Women's Formal Oleg Cassini Jackie Kennedy 1960's Swimwear Jantzen Apron Cut Elisabeth
Taylors Materials Nylon
Orlon Velvet Chiffon
Organdie 1950s 1960s Women's Men's Women's Men's Tailor Suit Chanel Suit Pants and Capris Cardigans and Sweaters Skirts Dresses Beatniks and Rockers Claire Mccardell Nylon Lycra (Spandex) Swimwear 1960s Women's Men's Women's Men's Weekend Shorts Shirts Cowboy Shirts Cardigans Pajamas Jacqueline Kennedy Capris Sweaters Bell Bottoms 1964 Mini Skirts Mod Fashion 1964 The Beginning Mod Fashion Suits Harrington (Modern) Drainpipe Pants Precursor to Today's Skinny Jeans 1950s Glasses Jewelry Gloves Handbags & Umbrellas Scarves Shoes Shoes Misc. Jewelry and Gloves -Timeless jewelry -Elegant white gloves Shoes - Kitten heels
- Ballet flats
- Saddle Shoes (teens)
- And later on, go-go boots... -Conservative
-Oxfords Everyday Wear -Skinny, dark tie
-Hat Shoes -Same conservative shoes
-Chelsea boots
-Beatle boots
-Winklepickers Hula Hoops Jukebox Spud Guns Mr. Potato Head Neon Signs Legos Lava Lamps Easy Bake Oven
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