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IB Questions


Elena Potts

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of IB Questions

IB Questions The First Five Year Plan To What Extent was Mao's First Five Year Plan Successful? Positives! Negatives... Helped to lower heavy inflation from 1000% in 1949 to 15% by 1951 A number of civil engineering projects were taken and helped increase production and reduce unemployment The gross industrial output target in 1952 was 53,560 million yuan, the output achieved in 1957 was 65,020 China had an economic growth rate of nearly 9% between 1953 and 1957 SUCCESS although the Soviet's agreed to help the Chinese economically... [ This aid was a mixed blessing ] The Sino-Soviet agreement of 1950 The PRC had to pay back enormous loans to the USSR Heavy dependence on Soviet aid and support FAILURE The Hundred Flowers Campaign 1957 Was The Hundred Flowers Campaign a trick? YES! The speed at which Mao reversed his policy "Few guessed that Mao was seeting a trap, and that he was inviting people to speak out so that he could use what they said as an excuse to victimize them. Mao's targets were intellectuals and the educated, the people most likely to speak up." - Jung Chang 2005 The Campaign was part of the movement towards a controlled society in which all expression of opinion had to meet the criteria of polictal correctness as defined by Mao NO! Mao was genuinely seeking criticism, his intention was to undermine the bureaucrats in the goverment "By giving scientists and engineers the dreedom to express their ideas, Mao sought to prevent party bureaucrats from interfering with technical decisions. He wanted intellectuals to expose and attack corruption and bureaucracy. He also wanted peasants, student and workers to speak out and even demostrate to prevent government bureaucrats from running roughshod over their rights." - Lee Feigon, US Scholar, 2002 Mao launched the campaign out of fear of being compared to Stalin The entire campaign was a result of contradictory thinking among the CCP leaders
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