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Hani R in Prezi

Best practices on how to use simple flash animations in combination with prezi Path and Frames - to achieve a strong narrative.

Katelyn Watters

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Hani R in Prezi

Kablam My belief is that there is room in the world for all stories, and
that everyone has one.
-Woodson A few facts: 1. Ms. Watters: What should I know about you if I am your teacher?
Hani: I am a great writer, a great reader, and a great friend of the class!
Ms Watters:What should I know about you if I am your friend?
Hani: I have a brother. My best friend is Nate since Kindergarten.
Ms. Watters: Are you a writer?
Hani: Yes. Because I know lots of stuff to write about. I spy, Mario. When? Lots of times!
Ms. Watters: How long have you known to read and write?
Hani: Since I was 3.
I interviewed Hani first to see how he views himself. 2. I observed Hani in his class often. I noticed:
He is brave!
He takes risks.
He is comfortable with himself.
He helps others.
He is smart! 3. fig. 1 fig. 2 Why did I do this? I worked with Hani while standing on the theoretical shoulders of :
4. Written Conversations Through written conversations, I learned of Hani's strengths. As he got comfortable with writing to me, he showed me that he is strong in reading- not once did he ask me what I wrote to him, he read it all. He also spells using invented spelling. If I had more time to work with him, I would continue to work on word recognition, learning to use "chunks" and recognize conventional spelling. ...and no one but me can tell my story. He is also unique in the class. In our interview, he told me about his family's religion and home. They are Muslim, from Pakistan, speak Urdu, and travel 100 miles weekly to pray. Learning about
One Child Loop Zoom I had to incorporate Hani's Funds of Knowledge (Moll) or I would have fallen on my face! He taught me that he loves his family and friends, video games, food, anything with action, & reading and writing using humor! This process of using theory helped me to grow in leaps and bounds in my confidence and ability as an educator. I learned to ask open-ended questions, to meet the student where he is (not where my expectations for him are), to value him as a learner/reader/writer and still seek to grow him as a learner (vygotsky), and to use data to tell who Hani is as a learner! I also learned greatly from the scaffolding of my peers. I used many strategies to get to know Hani, including attending the school talent show to see him, observing him in class lessons, at recess, at lunch, and conferencing during Writer's Workshop. I invited his family to participate in the process and invited the teacher to share information about him as well. One thing I discovered is that Hani has a lot to juggle- he is a writer, reader, learner, leader, friend, and more! ...and don't forget:
validate the child for their cultural identity! The more I asked Hani about who he is, the more safe he felt sharing with me (Maslow- safety) and the more we learned together! so be on the
lookout for
new ideas! So I decided to work with Hani to discover his story- to hear it as he tells it! No longer will I run
from a child I do not
think that I relate to or
understand! I am an educator
who can see beyond the single
story of a child and use theory
to learn more about him! Ms. Watters: Do you like to read?
Hani: Yeah. When the teacher says to independent read. Sometimes when I'm with my mom. Or in the bathroom. I like foxtrot. Ms. Watters: What do you like about reading?
Hani: I think it is fun. I don't like that sometimes people disturb or distract you by talking! FYI:
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