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Chris M

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of Michgian

The Wolverine State
The origin of Michigan's name
Michigan's name came from a word from an Algonquian word in a Chippewa indian tribe, The word is "meicgama." Micigama means "big sea wate."
Michigan's nickname is "the wolverine state."
Michigan's most popular city's
Michigan's capitol is Lancing, Lancing was founded in 1847. Along with the states capitol Lancing was also made with a majestic dome.
Detroit is Michigan's largest city. Detroit is the car capitol of the whole world. Detroit is one of Michigan's most popular cities
Plena is home of the largest cement factory of the world.
Rogers city boasts the largest limestone quarry.
The great lakes
Michigan has more than 11,000 inland lakes and more than 36,00 miles of streams.
Anywhere is Michigan you are 85 miles of one of the great lakes.
There are 5 Great lakes.
Michigan's Counties
40 of Michigan's 83 counties touch one of the Great Lakes.
Michigan's Population
Michigan's population in 2010 was 9,822,701.
Michigan's population in 2012 was 9,882,519.
Michigan's population in 2013 was 9,895,622.
Land area
Michigan had 56,538.90 sq. mi, of land area.
Michigan is the 11th biggest state in the USA.
MIchigan's Veterans
There was 962,582
from 2008-2012.
The State Flag
Michigan's official flag was made in 1911. The flag has a deep blue background and pictures of elk and moose around a blue shields labels "TUEBOR," meaning "I will defend." The shield pictures a man with a raised hand and a gun and the sun rising above him and the Great lakes and the peninsula.
Thank you Veterans.
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