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Generic Economic Framework-Universal Good Stakeholders

A small, medium and large business perspective that can be applied logically across any industry. Predictable Economics

Lisa Martinez

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Generic Economic Framework-Universal Good Stakeholders

Generic Business Models
Small Business - New Owner
Start your own Business online
Understand the different business model risk and cost structure components for each
Use the Online templates in various tools to enable your business quickly
Risk Indicator - Lane on a Highway
Offer type - - Slow Lane
Slow Lane
New Competitive Advantage
Higher effort
Higher Skill set
Higher quality standards
High Risk
Medium Risk New + Standard
Risk Indicator - Lane on a Highway
Offer Type - Middle Lane
New components and Standard Components
Proving Period
More checks despite standard
Low Risk - Standard
Risk Indicator - Lane on Highway
Offer Type - Fast Lane
All known and knowable situations have procedures
Lower touch model
Often sold through distribution
Global good to prevent threats to all living systems
International and Global
Design To Prevent Defects
How we can ensure economic and environmentally friendly world for tomorrow?
Highway Analogy
Offer - Employees Build a Vehicle
Highway Analogy - South Bound
In South bound direction on the highway
Your employees work with
Your Suppliers
Entry at any point indicates a legal liability and arrangement
In either direction on the highway
You will have employees or agents on behalf of the business
Offer - Suppliers Build a Vehicle
Highway Analogy - North Bound
In North bound direction on the highway
Your employees influence
Your Consumers to buy
Entry at any point indicates a legal liability and arrangement
Offer - Consumers Buy a Vehicle
5 Capability Model
(3) Management Capabilities
Offer, Party and Financial
Transactional Capabilities
Cost or Expense
Benefits or Revenue
Setup - Create, Update and Archive
Build for natural roll ups using structured financial charge codes
Setup and audit logs for any create, update and archive
Segregation of Duties
Create master records

9 Principles of Quality Management - ISO
Total Quality Management
General Accounting
Acceptable Principles
Involve Employees
Engage Suppliers strategically
Ensure customer satisfaction and feedback
Build before buy
Buy once built
Legal Entity A
an organization sells widgets and weeblies
the main HQ is in the US North East region in New York, NY
LE-B is the supplier for LE-A

sub-account 30
Legal Entity B
LE-B is a supplier to their customer LE-A

LE-B supplies goods to LE-A who builds a widget

30 Innovation offers risk high
20 Advanced offers risk medium
10 Core offers risk low
10 Preferred Suppliers
20 Authorized Suppliers
30 On-boarding Suppliers
Party, Offer and Financial Management
Outcome of the 3 Management Capabilities an approved plan and all entities

Each budget manager and or people manager
STARTS the various Process functional contributions to the offers in their functional domains
Engineering develops the offer
(BP2 Develop Offers)

Marketing markets the offers
(BP3 Market and Sell offers)

Exit the left to right direction when BP3 Market and Sell Offers reaches "sell"

Expense or Cost summary on income statements
Legal Entity C
LE-C is the supplier for LE-A
Sub-Account 20
Legal Entity D
LE-D is the supplier for LE-A

Sub-Account 10
10 Core offers risk low
20 Advanced offers risk medium
30 Innovation offers risk high
10 Resale Channel SMB
20 Service Provider Direct
30 Enterprise Direct

Create, update and archive master records
Segregate duties between master record and transaction
Transactions are referencing the master records, at the point in time of the transaction
segregates duties to ensure no changes to items or party master.
Differences 404 assurance and IT Monitoring
Any device
A blue ocean understands the design should be for any device, and different customer sizes.

Risk Management by prevent and detect
Minimalist Approach
Low Disruption - using what you have better and pushing the noise outside the governed systems.
Recovery time and zero data loss
Filter everything out
Governance by Design
I give my personal and professional assurance
Party, Offer and Management Capability

Expense Transaction Capability

Offset by

Revenue or Benefit Transaction Capability
Sales, Operations and Technical Service
Customers by Types
Sell Offers (BP3 Market and Sell Offers)
Deliver Offers (BP4 Deliver Offers)
Manage Offers (BP5 Manage Offers
Strategic Planning Start
All people managers and leadership as a cost/expense
Left to right on the Top lanes.
HR monitors the performance of people to the plan
How well does the people manager align their team to the strategy?
The goal sustain an existing set of offers, change to improve offers or design a new offer AND/OR Design a new business
- (4) An investment in the slow lanes in either direction, with only 1 build as the effort is far more risk.
- (2) An investment in the middle lane is slightly more advanced and faster as shown the (1) has already began it's revenue path below
- (8, 7, 6 and 5) fast lane with suppliers in the top lanes as cost, Notice the patterns below in the fast lanes for revenue (1, 2, 3 and 4) are all being sold in revenue fast lanes.
Step 1 Design Strategy and Vision
Short Narrative for Highway analogy
5 capability model during operations - the two transaction types shown
Revenue Transaction Capability
BP 3 Market and Sell (sell)
Storage and Record
Pattern Design
Organizational Design Strategy
Minimum viable system model
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