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Getting More Green

No description

Adam Reznechek

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Getting More Green

GettIng more green A proposal for a more sustainable campus Asa Jacobs, Adam Reznechek, Ravi Tripathi, Travis Kunrath Three-part proposal Compact Fluorescent Bulbs Computer Hibernation Bike Rack Changes Three small ideas work together Goal of creating a cleaner and more efficient campus Quick Fact: According to Facilities Management there are currently millions of standard light bulbs in use on campus. Imagine the savings if they were all replaced! About Savings from first two ideas help pay for the third Ideas require little extra maintainence Will impact a large amount of people Uses 70% less energy Last 10 times as long Easy to implement Replacing just 200 bulbs with these
would save NDSU almost $10000! Requires small investment NDSU operates over
550 of these daily Cost about $44 each to run If hibernation settings applied NDSU
could save over $10000 every year No additional cost to implement More computers are added every year, so savings will increase over time
More Secure Simpler and faster to use Easier to maintain Inexpensive Not to mention all the other benefits of bike riding! Any questions? Three Ideas working together to "get more Green"
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