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Urinary Tract Infection

No description

seleste castro

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary Tract Infection
By Ilsent Castro
Mr. Phillips Class
UTI Definition:
A urinary tract infection, or UTI, is an infection that can happen anywhere along the urinary tract. Urinary tract infections have different names, depending on what part of the urinary tract is infected.
How is it diagnosed?
You doctor will ask you about some of the sign and symptoms you may be having. He may press on you stomach, sides and back to see where you are having pain. He will also ask for a urine test. If you still don't get better or get another UTI he/she will suggest a imaging test also may take a blood test.
Sign And Symptoms
Urinating often
painful or buring sensation while urinating
pressure in lower abdomen
stanky urine
leaking urine without trying
Urinary Tract Infection
How Is UTI Treated ?
Antibiotics is given to fight off the bacteria. They may give you Urinary tract medicines to decrease pain and burning while you urinate. They also help with the feeling of having to urinate often. These medicine also make urine orange or red.
To Help Prevent UTI:
urinate when you feel like you do, do not hold it. also drink plenty of fluids.
Causes of UTI:
UTI typically occur when bacteria enter the urinary tract through the urethra and begin to multiply in the bladder. once bacteria multiples it will become an infection. UTI are most common in women. most common UTI's are:
cystitis (infection in bladder) which is cause by E. coli a bacteria found in the gastrointestinal tract most of the time this usually happens because of sex but not always due to that it can also be because you dont know how to wipe.
urethritis (infection in the urethra): can be because the vigina is close to the urethra and sexually transmitted infections like herpes, gonorrhea and chlamydia can cause urethritis
Risk Factors of UTI :
Being a Female
being sexually active
using certain types of birth control
Completing menopause
Having urinary tract abnormalities
Having blockages in the urinary tract
weak immune system
Using a catheter (People who can't urinate on their own and use a tube) to urinate
if treated qiuckly and right then there shouldn't be any but if not then there will be recurrent infections. Permanent kidney damage, increase low birth weight or premature infants.
Home Remedies:
Drink Plenty of water to flush out bacteria
avoid drinks that may irritate your bladder like coffee, soft drinks, citris juices
Use a heating pad Apply a warm, but not hot, heating pad to your abdomen to minimize bladder pressure or discomfort.
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