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Robert Byrd Barr

No description

Mayanna Pearson

on 4 November 2012

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Transcript of Robert Byrd Barr

Mayanna Pearson
intro to education
November 7 2012 Roberta Byrd Barr
(1919-1993) Roberta Byrd Barr was born in Tacoma
lived most of her life in Seattle
Attended Lincoln High School and Wilberforce University in Ohio Education Roberta started her television career in 1960 with A Rasion in the Sun
she told stories to little children in a show called "Lets imagine" Television Career Taught at Jefferson Elementary school and later became librarian at John Muir Elementary school
Headed the freedom school at the YMCA in 1966 during the school boycott
Education Career Roberta Byrd Barr she obtained a B.A in Sociology and in Elementary education
M.A in Librarianship at the University of Washington In 1968 she was appointed vice principal at Franklin High school
1973 she was appointed principal of Lincoln High school she was the first woman in Seattle to be a principal in a public school
Appointed to the state board against discrimination
Roberta Byrd Barr was an:
African America educator
Civil rights leader
librarian and
Television personality She died June 23, 1993
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