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Chapter 8: Las Almendras/Almonds

No description

Samantha Mangin

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of Chapter 8: Las Almendras/Almonds

As we are reading..
We are
about the

what are they like?
what challenges do they face?
how do they change overtime?
how do they respond to a situation?
I can interpret two big metaphors in Esperanza Rising

I can explain what it means to find the theme of a book or story.
: figurative language authors use to make direct comparison between two things, in order to show somethings importance.
In this chapter, Miguel has a surprise for Esperanza and Mama, Papa’s roses. What clues were in the text in a previous chapter, that might have indicated that Miguel was taking care of the rose plants? What does the author mean by the sentence: “Now if they bloomed she could drink the memories of the roses that had known Papa.” How is life like a rose? Be sure to give details from the text in your answer.

Previous Chapter
At every stop, Miguel and Alfonso hurried off the train with a package. From the window, Esperanza watched them go to a water trough, unwrap and oilcloth, and dampen the bundle inside.” (73)
Chapter 8: Las Almendras/Almonds
"Behind the cabin was an old oval washtub with one end cut off.....Someone had built a grotto of rocks around the base of the tub. Around it, a large plot of earth had been fenced in by sticks and rope and planted with thorny stems, each with only a few branches." (123)
"The roses come from far away" (123)
"Esperanza searched Miguel's face, her eyes hopeful. 'Papa's?'" (123)
“After the fire, my father and I dug down to the roots. Many were still healthy. We carried the cuttings from Aguascalientes. And that’s why we had to keep them wet. We think they will grow. In time, we will see how many bloom.” (124)
"Now if they bloomed she could drink the memories of the roses that had known Papa." (124)
"Didn't I tell you that Papa's heart would find us wherever we go?" (125)

How is life like a rose?
On pages 72-73, when they were traveling by train Miguel and Alfonso got off the train at every stop and went to a water trough to dampen something inside an oilcloth. They needed to do this to keep the rose plants wet so they would not die. When Esperanza asked about it, he said she would find out when they got there. Life is like a rose because it can go through some hard times, like having to move and not having enough water, but it can still grow, like Miguel says to Esperanza about her rose on page 124, "so you can climb."
On page 128, Esperanza is helping to shell almonds. The author describes an almond as "..like two hands pressed together, protecting something inside." Then as Esperanza cracks one open the text says:"...then pulled the meat from its defenses...". How is the almond a metaphor for Esperanza?
Esperanza did not answer at first. She had not left the cabin since she had made a fool of herself yesterday." (128)
"My mama said it is best to get it over with and face people. And that if they tease you, you should just laugh," said Isabel. (128)
"The soft and fuzzy outside hull looked like two hands pressed together, protecting something inside. Esperanza popped it open and found the almond shell. She snapped the edge of the shell and pried it apart, then pulled the meat from its defenses and ate it." (128)
Isabel asks Esperanza if she is going to the party and Esperanza is not sure because she is still embarrassed by what happened on the platform. Isabel tells her that her mother says it is best to get over it and "just laugh." Esperanza is like an almond because her feelings got hurt on the inside when she felt embarrassed. Her defenses are like laughing when someone makes fun of her because they cant hurt her as much. Esperanza is also like an almond because she is having to get stronger everyday just like the outside shell.
On pages 131-133, Marta is using kittens as a metaphor for the farmers. How are the farmers like kittens? How does Marta suggest they fight being "like kittens?" Use specific evidence to support your answer.
"Marta and some of her friends stood in the bed of a truck that was parked nearby, each of them holding up one of the kittens." (132)
"This is what we are!' she yelled. 'Small, meek animals. And this is how they treat us because we don't speak up. If we don't ask for what is rightfully ours, we will never get it! Is this how we want to live?' She held the kitten by the back of the neck, waving it high in the air. It hung limp in front of the crowd. 'With no decent home and at the mercy of those bigger than us, richer than us?' (132)
"A man called out, 'Maybe all that cat wants to do is feed it's family. Maybe it doesn't care what ll the other cats are doing."

How are the farmers like kittens?
On page 132, the text says, "Small, meek animals. And that is how they treat us because we don't speak up," referring t the farmers like kittens. Marta then goes on to say: "We are going to strike in two weeks...For higher wages and better housing." Some farmers are afraid to strike and don't think it has anything to do with them. "Maybe all a cat wants to do is feed his family..We don't pick cotton on this farm!" Marta feels all of the farmers should stick together. "..then maybe it will help us all!"
What is
Literature contains both "little metaphors" and "big metaphors" (symbols)
Big metaphors can point the way towards a book's big ideas or
The tortoise and the hare

What is this fable about?

Perseverance pays off
Writing Journal
Choose to write
about the rosebush or the kitten. Why is the "
big metaphor
" so important in the story? What
is the author trying to give us as readers?
The learning targets:
I can identify two big metaphors in Esperanza Rising.
I can explain what it means to find the theme of a book or story.
Which one do you feel like you really accomplished today?
Which one do you feel like you had difficulty with? why?
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