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Development of Science Strategic Intervention Material for G

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Manilyn Elito

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Development of Science Strategic Intervention Material for G

Development of Science Strategic Intervention Material for Grade 8 Learners with Beginning Level of Proficiency
Background of the Study
Department of Education introduced and implemented an educational program in the basic education known as K to 12.
Filipino learners will become:
globally competitive
master the concepts and skills
preparation tertiary education, employment and entrepreneurship.
Mastery of the concepts and skills plays a big role in the learner’s development, and to assess mastery and understanding of such concept one must surpass certain requirements that will the basis for rating the learner.
In K to 12 Level of Proficiency
Advanced (A) 90 and above
Proficient (P) 85 to 89
Approaching Proficiency (AP) 80 to 84
Developing (D) 75 to 79
Beginning (B) 74 and below

Background of the Study (cont.)
. Learners whose grades falls on the beginning level of proficiency will then have a remediation class for them cope with the pre-requisite requirements in the basic education.
To address this problem, one of the possible useful ways is to maximize the strategic intervention materials; this educational material was made by the educators to help their learners master certain topics or concepts. This tool focuses on the skills that were not mastered during the regular class.
Conceptual Framework
Statement of the Problem
The aim of this study is to know the effectivity of Science Strategic Intervention Material as a developing tool for Learners with beginning Level of Proficiency.

Specifically, it attempts to answer the following questions:
a. How are the two groups of respondents matched in terms of pretest results?
b. Is there a significant difference between the experimental group and control group in terms of level of performance in written test before and after they have used the Science Strategic Intervention material?
c. How effective are the proposed science strategic intervention material based from their scores.

Theory and Concept
Theory of Cognitive Development (Jean Piaget)
Explains the overall cognitive development, it can be used by literacy educators to understand the learning stages through which students’ progress as they mature and their relationship to the literacy achievement
Mastery Learning (Benjamin Bloom)
Students are helped to master each learning unit before preceding to more advanced learning task
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