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October Sales Meeting

No description

Ryan Bramlette

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of October Sales Meeting

R-4 Producer Meeting

Producer Round Table
Shawn and Brendan
Most of our big wins in 2013 have included Loss Control at point of sale or pre-close.
Between now and Dec 10
Idea 2
2014- Planning and Expectations
October 24th- What to Expect
Our top 6 Producers are out producing our bottom 48....combined.
Many of our biggest wins have come via Broker Selection
Team Selling
Describe the idea you think is best
Prospecting- New Relationships
Team Selling
80% of our wins over $10k in commish (ytd) involve 2 or more colleagues
Brady and Colt
Mark- Harlin- JM-Doug- Nate
Pat- Cara
Sherry- Jim
Individual Goals
To Reach My Potential...whatever that is
All in...
Consistently rise as an "A" Player in the industry. Earn trust and respect.
Execute my plan as it relates to my role.
Live in the present and have passions in life.
Create time for family and special people in my life.
Care about my health
Encourage and Support my family

Tasks / action items on daily basis are all based on going towards these goals and are result driven.
Regional Goals
A Process of our own
Industry Clarity
Everything from the past
Apply to today...
Insurance is no longer a commodity world- could get left behind.

It's a process of...
Changing the way a client/prospect think
Convincing them of a different way
You must have the ability to do a strong assessment- using the tools, resources, and knowledge we have
Be able to put a plan together
It's a process of...
Educating the client, customizing to them, and being a person of authority.
Peer to Peer
Understanding risk more effectively
Business Acumen- (to apply good judgement)...knowledge and experience...how to apply it.
Part of the Process
Not THE Process
Know where to go...who are your "go to's"
Know when to use it
Know how to use it
USE the resource
The Case
A very, very sucesfull tool when used correctly.
Team Up
Team with other CL, BP, or PL
Team together and get in a new door- BP Lead?
Round out
Leverage the firm's expertise- Specalization
Because it's more fun and you win more
2 Nights and 1 Day of Skiing at Big Sky
You and your family (or buddies)
Similar Value
Minimum Qualifier- of 5
Hold yourselves accountable- dont BS it.
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Bryan Roach
JP Company LLC
Eggart Engineering
Montana Brewing
Central Machine
LBM of Glendive
Brady Hoiness
LD Construction- Persistency
Ventura Oilfield Tackle- Referral
Glacier Energy Services

Casey McGowan
Billings Hardware- new carriers
Montana Hotsprings and Spas- Health
Canyon Creek Brewery- Cultivation

John Roberts
from All American Pharmacy
Tom Flemming
Parker Ford
Prospecting- New Relationships
Shaun Peterson
Green Again Sprinklers- Referral
Marlenee Construction- Referral
Sean McCutcheon
Valley Ford- Referral- Association Involvement
Hardin Chevy- Referral- Association Involvement
F&H Mine Equipment- Outside the Zip
40% of our top producers YTD New result from an increased prospecting radius.

Kevin McCutcheon
Bennett Motors
Peak Mechanical
Keith Schnider
Fraser Oil
Riverside Trucking
Storm Water
Timber Creek Village
Proactive Recruitment and Perpetuation
Recruiting Teams
Align with Universities
Perpetuation Planning- 3 to 5 years out.
Quantifiable Goals- 200 Pre-Qualified Recruits- 8 new Hires
*1 cohesive and consistent message acrosss the company- highest and best use of leadership. 1 company- not 4 regions.
*Team Selling and Mentorship
*PWI Selling Process
*Active Prospecting Culture
*Transparency- clear on goals, 50k is low bar, no surprises
Further develop Energy, Medical, Hospitality, Financial Instituions, Construction, and Transportation

Launch Dates
Tracking Systems- wins, losses, whats working
Monthly Conference Calls- Strategy and Education
VERY high level of Accountability
Quantifiable Goals
Other Focus Items
Know your top 3-5
Utilize Client Services
Focus on Team selling, outside zip, our intellect
Effective monthly sales meetings
Sitkins- Regional Meetings
Work with teams on book management
It's NOT a process of...
Sales Gimmicks
Rehearsed "pitches"
It's about strategy...doing it right
.....HOW do we do it different and better...HOW can we quantify that?
... Utilizing our resources, key markets, team intellect.
Preparation and Practice

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