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Daily Living Aids- Assistive Technology

No description

Catherine Serzan

on 9 March 2016

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Transcript of Daily Living Aids- Assistive Technology

Daily Living Aids
"Self-help devices that assist persons with disabilities in daily living activities such as dressing, personal hygiene, bathing, home maintenance, cooking, eating, etc." (Rehabtool.com, 2004)
Common subcategories:
Clothing and Dressing Aids
Eating and Cooking
Home Maintenance
Toileting and Bathing

Assistive Technology Group Project
Low Technology Devices
Wear Ease Shoe Fastener Kit
Converts lace-up shoes into shoes with hook and loop closures, facilitating fastening and unfastening
Used for those with physical and cognitive impairments
High Technology Devices
AquaJoy Bath Lift
A chair that provides a means of entering and exiting the bath tub/shower
Self-standing apparatus that is positioned inside of the bath tub and can be submerged in water
Battery-powered and includes a remote control to adjust chair settings
High Tech Continued
Closet Lift
An electronic device that mounts inside the closet and holds clothing on a rod that is lowered to an optimal position for those who are wheelchair bound or who have limited mobility
Allows for increased independence in dressing and hanging clothing
Pictures of Low and High Tech Daily Living Aids
Daily Living Aids
By: Catherine Serzan and Brianne Healy
Low Tech Continued
Video of a Student using Daily Living Aids
Our Low Tech Assistive Technology Aid
http://www.rehabtool.com/at.html#Daily Living Aids








Google Images for Pictures of Assistive Technology Devices
Low Tech Continued
Halo Cup
Designed with a wide base and easy grip handle to provide stability and prevent spillage
Assists those who have difficulty with fine motor movements
Feeding Cuff
A velcro strap that attaches to utensils and holds them securely in place
Allows increased independence at mealtime for those with limited hand mobility
High Tech Continued
Sit-to-Stand Patient Lift
An electronically operated mechanism that harnesses a patient and brings them from a sitting to standing position safely and without physical strain

Adaptive books
Step stool, Reacher, adaptive pen
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