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What i learned

these are a couple things that i hsve learnd in mrs. teagues 1st period class

Michaela Daniels

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of What i learned

Five Things I've Learned This Year
Period 1 Michaela Daniels topic 1: communication topic 2:nutrition topic 3:babysitting&child care topic 4:sewing tools and skills topic 5:child abuse and neglect there are many ways
to communicate like
talking, signlanguage,
writing letters, etc. having nutrition and good health
is important in life. good nutrition
comesfrom eating right, exercising
regularly and mainly keeping your
body healthy. taking care of children can be a hard job for anyone. they require many things like care love attention and many more. children or certain ages have certain needs so when you babysit you shoulds ask the following questions:
*how many children&their ages
*what the(ir) bedtime is
*television shows allowed/not allowed
*parents numbers and other important number

-sewing machine
-presser foot
-foot pedal
-straight pins
-pin cushions
-hand sewing needles
-hand wheel
-needle plate

-thread take up lever
-feed dogs
-presser foot lifter
-stitch length control & pattern control dials
-reverse stitch control
-thread guides
-tension control - four types of child abuse: emotional, physical, neglect, and sexual.
-emotional&sexual abuse and neglect are just as bad as physical abuse.
-things that are not true:
*its only abuse if its physical
*only bad people abuse their children
*abuse doesnt happen in "good families"
*most child abusers are strangers
*abused children always grow up to be abusers
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