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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

No description

Amy Swanson

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Do Now
Include today's date: 9/24/14 and copy the quote and author accurately. Finally, respond thoughtfully (wow! two adverbs in a three word sentence!) Remember, if you have a question or don't understand, that's fine, but you must ask a *specific* question, not a general one like "what does this mean?"
Let's complete the second practice: #s 8-16.
Fill in a prefix for each root and then match the newly created word with the correct definition. Some of the words will be on your list but some are not.

Write original sentences with the ten related words in this week's Greek and Latin Roots lesson.

When finished, generate some mnemonic devices.
Remember: We have a quiz on Friday on Adverbs. All of our practice with adverbs this week is to help you prepare for Friday's quiz. Do your best!
"Raymond's Run"
First, let's consider the "big question" that forms the focus of this chapter in the textbook.

"Is the truth the same for everyone?"

to write about this question, silently and independently, in the "journal" section of your binder. Be prepared to share some of your thoughts.
Wednesday, September 24, 2014
"Good will is the only asset that competition cannot undersell or destroy."
Marshall Field
Can good will and competition coexist?
Adverbs Practice:
-Identify adverbs and the words they modify (see my example)
-Complete each sentence with an adverb
Adverb Game....?

The pineapples were
Timekeeper: Please keep your eye on the clock for the ten minute limit. Give us a warning with two minutes remaining.
Making Predictions
Good readers make predictions while they read. This involves making informed guesses about what will happen next based on story details and your own experience. You can support your predictions by finding clues in the story that hint at what will happen next.
As you read, stop to make three predictions. THe following questions might help you to make predictions as you read:
How woudl you describe the main character's personality?
What is important to the main character?
Does the main character think or speak about the future?
DO other characters do or say things that hint at the future?
Have you had experiences with people, places, or events that remind you of the ones in the story?
"Raymond's Run"
Turn to page 26 in your textbooks.
We will now take a moment to read through the vocabulary, author, and background information.
"A Retrieved Reformation
After Reading...
See the questions on page 38. Answer all questions using complete sentences and evidence from the text. Be prepared to share when finished.
*Question 3- make a chart.
*Question 4- Connect back to your journal.
A Retrieved Reformation
Turn to page 40 in your textbooks. We will read pages 40 and 41 to gain information about background and vocabulary.
Now, write a story using ALL SIX of the WODS we've covered so far. See the front board if you can't remember them. Your story needs to also include the following words:

First, we'll go over the words and discuss their meanings.
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