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Investigating Forces

No description

Jean Gradias

on 14 February 2018

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Transcript of Investigating Forces

Remember, we are investigating...
Non-Touching Force
People in town are nervous about the train because nothing seems to be pushing it or holding it up in the air.

It just floats!
The purpose of the science investigation will be to see if you can make a magnet start to move without anything touching it.
Investigating Non-Touching Forces
With a partner, discuss...

1. What do you think you know already about magnets?
2. What questions do you have about magnets?
Investigating Forces
1. Why does the train rise?
What have we learned so far about what can make something start to move?
1. Pairs share magnets
2. Use the magnets safely
3. Do not throw magnets
What makes a good partnership?
Can a force make an object start to move without anything touching the object?

What is your evidence?
Vocab Review!
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