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Transport System in plants

No description

Bernice Sidik

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of Transport System in plants

Transport System in plants Functions:
-Transports water and mineral salts from roots to other parts of the plant.
-Provides mechanical support

Structural Adaptations:
-Having hollow centre and lignified cell wall Xylem Functions:
-Conducts manufactured food from the leaves to other parts of the plants Phloem Phloem Function:
-Increases the surface area of the root for the absorption of water and mineral salts.

Structural adaptation:
-Elongated tubular extension that increase the surface area to volume ratio
-This structural adaptation favors the absorption of water and ion via osmosis and diffusion from soil into root hair cells. Root hair cells -Transpiration is the loss of water vapor through the aerial parts of the plants, especially from the stomata.

-Importance of transpiration:
Transpiration is responsible for the efficient movement of water and mineral salts up the plants.
As water evaporates,its helps to remove latent from the plants,hence cooling the leaves. Transpiration -Bernice THE END
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