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Who I am

No description

Spencer E

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of Who I am

A Brief Summary: Who I Am
Philosophy and Education
I consider myself to be morally and ethically responsible, and I hold similar expectations to others. I firmly believe that there are no exceptions to these standards.

I have held the belief that "you are what you think about every single day" close to me, as I've personally seen the power of aiming for, and working toward personal goals.

"It is better to aim high and miss the mark than aim low
and hit it."
The College Experience
I look forward to learning in the college environment that fosters new ideas, solutions, and problem solving techniques.

I have already made friends, joined organizations, and become part of the "ASU Community" - something that I feel will become a part of me for the years to come.

I have prepared for the adventures ahead.
What I'd Like to See
Have Fun;
Become who I want to be

Obtain my Major and attend Graduate School
My name is Spencer Elliott and I am a first-year college student.

I was born in Chandler, Arizona and have lived in Ahwatukee, Arizona for most of my life.

I attended Mountain Pointe high school, and for the latter portion of my HS career took mostly Dual-Enrollment classes, which gave me the opportunity to pursue my interests.
By: Spencer Elliott
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