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Autism and Diet Presentation

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Erin Phares

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Autism and Diet Presentation

Does Diet Affect Autism?
By:Erin Phares What is Autism? Autism is a neurological disorder in which the brain
is affected. Autism affects the development of a person's
communication skills and can cause other symptoms, such as repetitive behavior, having a sensitivity to loud noises, certain smells, and different types of lights. All people with autism have an unique set of symptoms that can be mild or severe. The severity of autistic symptoms falls under the classification of Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD. What is Gluten? Gluten is a protein found mostly in wheat. Some people
can have sensitivities to gluten or be gluten intolerant.
There are many gluten free substitutes such as: nuts, rice, beans, potatoes, etc. What is Casein? Casein is a protein most commonly found in dairy
products such as milk and cheese. People can also have intolerance and sensitivity to casein because the
molecular structure of casein and gluten are about the same. There can be a variety of casein free milk products such as almond milk, rice milk, and coconut milk. Why does this Diet work for Children with
Autism? Children with autism are said to have digestive problems with gluten and casein. These digestive problems allow toxins from the food they digested to travel through the body and eventually destroy some parts of the brain. Eliminating gluten and casein from their diet not longer allows the toxins to travel through their body and to their brain. This lessens some of the symptoms of their autism resulting in better social interactions, behavior, and learning abilities. The Opposing view Some researchers and doctors say that this diet is not affective in treating the symptoms of autism for children. Some children are immune to gluten and casein. Taking these out of there diet neither improves or weakens their autism symptoms. Also, taking these proteins out of their diet can cause children to not get enough nutrition resulting in them being malnourished. More research needs to be done to get better and more accurate results. It's Easy to Find Gluten and Casein Free Food Most health food stores like Whole Foods and Sprouts have gluten and casein free food to choose from. Stores like Safeway and King Soopers have some, but not much to choose from. It's also easy to find tasty gluten and casein free recipes online or in gluten/casein free cookbooks. Some food companies like bakeries provide already made food products like breads, pies, etc.
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