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By Brian and Vinny

No description

Debra Goldstein

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of By Brian and Vinny

By Brian and Vinny w-3

More facts about the Rolling Stones
1.in the year 2002 Mic Jagger was Knighted by the British monarchy
2.The Rolling Stones are the highest earning rock band in history.
3.The cover of their 1971 album Sticky Fingers was designed by Andy Warhol.
4.Director Martin Scorse has used the song "Gimme Shelter" in four movies.
5. Contrary to popular belief is that the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were good friends.
google and wikepedia
Rolling Stones
they are an English rock band formed in England in 1962 Mick Jagger 69, Keth Richards 69,Ronnie Wood 66,Charlie Watts 72 ,brian jones died in 1969 at the age of 27,mick taylor 76,bill wyman 64. mick jagger was born in Dartford,United kingdom. Keith Richards was born in Dartford,United kingdom. Charlie Watts was born in Kingsbury,London, United Kingdom.Ronnie Woods was born in Hilington,Middlesex,United Kingdom.Brian Jones was born in cheltenham,United Kingdom and died in Hartfeild.Mick Taylor was born in Welwyn garden city,United Kingdom.Bill Wyman was born Lewisham, London,United Kingdom. The rolling stones play rock and roll. You can hear them on 99.1 wplr.
The Rolling Stones have influenced generations of music lovers for 50 years. The have been in movies and commercials and have played with all the most popular and influential musicians of all time. They were know as the bad boys of "Rock and Roll" but they are some of the founding fathers of rock.
Painted Black
Painted black by the Rolling stones
The instruments in painted black is a sitar,drums,guitar and bass guitar. This song was chosen because we thought it was a good song and we liked the
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