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Holidays are celebrated around the world in many different w

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Karen Simmons

on 3 February 2017

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Transcript of Holidays are celebrated around the world in many different w

Holidays are celebrated around the world in many different ways!
French Decorations
A Popular French Christmas song:
In this presentation we will
be talking about the following
countries and how they celebrate
the holidays.

People place their shoes
by the fireplace to get filled with goodies from Pere Noel (how they say Santa)
Adults always give their gifts on New Year's not Christmas
Foods in France:
- Their Christmas dinner is called
Dessert- is a sponge cake called a bûche de Noel
People in France love to decorate for
the holidays, some of their common
decorations are:
The Nativity Scene
LOTS and LOTS of
lights -
Women Wear-
white lase trim blouses and aprons decorated with flowers all over.
Men Wear-
brimmed hats, waistcoats(vests) and sometimes shorts jackets
Petit Papa Noel-(as popular as the song " Jingle Bells also, means Little father Christmas)
There are a lot of important and fun facts about France!
Here is hoe you say happy holidays in French:
Christmas trees were never really popular in France.
Flag of France:
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