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Nike sneaker's Product Life Cycle

No description

Jordan Pantoja

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Nike sneaker's Product Life Cycle

Nike sneaker's Product Life Cycle
growth Stage
as more and more customers purchase the product the product's price usually rises up and even though the price is expensive the customers are still satisfied and will still pay for these products and the company will get more money income.
maturity Stage
When Nike shoes stay out for a while they usually stay around in the shelves for some time because customers are still interested in them and still buy them. there are not as much sales as there was the first time they were released but he are still being bought.
Introduction Stage
When Nike has a new shoes release launch, they have a lot of advertisement in commercials posters at stores and magazines. The price for some shoes are typically expensive and they do this to get their money because they know a lot of customers want this product. The range on the shoes price are typically from $120 - $200, some may be more because they are so popular and a lot of customers want them so they will push the price up to get more money.
Decline Stage
As shoes stay out for a while and new shoes are released these shoes aren't really bought anymore and the price will go really low to try to get some money for them but most customers aren't interested.
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