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Great Wall Of China

No description

Rachel Condron

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Great Wall Of China

Great Wall Of China
How it was made
How it was made
~The great wall was made with mortar and stone.
~The workers were either farmers,slaves,or peasents.
~ They would work all day and get no rest.

How it was made
~There was a shortage of food in China at the time because of the farmers working on the wall
~ Workers only got some fried rice and cabbage and sometimes have to live with that for a month.
~ Workers would never live very long with these conditions.
How it was made
~ When the workers would die, they had no where to put them so they would use them as mortar and built them into the wall.
~ They would just pile them on the wall and mix them with mortar and keep building with brick.
Where it was made
Where it was made
~The Great Wall of China was built near the top of China
~It was built on the borders of a desert and wastelands.
~In the northern part of china.
Where it was made
~ It was built for over 5500 miles of protection including, 3890 miles of hand built wall.

The Great Wall of China
When it was made
~ It was made in the 400 b.c. time period.
- The ruler at the time Shi Huangdi , was known for his addition to the wall.
- The original wall was built in the Ming dynasty.
Why it was made
Why was it made
~The great wall was built for protection from the surrounding tribes and countries
~Thought it did not do a very good job at it.
~ The wall was very fragile.
The great wall today
The great wall today
~ The Great Wall of China today is crumbling.
~ Most of the wall is falling to ruble.
~ The wall has tried to be rebuilt but has never lasted long.

The great wall today
~Restoring acts have been put into affect.
~ The wall is so big that it would take over one year to finish.
- The stone that was used to build the first wall is limestone and mixed with mortar. Now a days that doesn't hold the wall together.
The end
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