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Tropical rainforest vs Grassland

No description

selena vo nguyen

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Tropical rainforest vs Grassland

Animals live in: spider monkey The information about grassland Tropical rainforest vs Grassland The tropical rainforest always wet and warm, with lots of plants and animals, animals are live there use trees for housing and foods.

In tropical rainforest, it rains almost everyday.
The levels of rainfall depend on the time of year.

About the temperature, it change through the
year, and it less than rainfall. In grassland have lots of grasses and animals: cheetahs, wolves, deers,... but it just has a few trees. Grassland also take about one quarter of Earth's land.

About the temperature:

The hottest temperatures come before the heavy rainfall, and the coolest time come
after the rain. Pictures of tropical rainforest Tropical rainforest climate and rainfall graph Leopard
crocodile Flowers in tropical rainforest Animals in tropical rainforest General features of tropical rainforest Have many plants live in water Moss covered tropical rainforest Flowers in grassland Animals in grassland General features of grassland Grassland is very big and has lots of space Grassland doesn't has much trees, but it's has lots of animals Venn Diagram Tropical rainforest Grassland Both Grassland climate and rainfall graph -have lots of trees - doesn't has much trees - dark - light - strange things - normal things - warm and wet - dry and hot - have lots of moss - have trees - have animals - doesn't has moss Grassland and tropical rain forest location The information about tropical rainforest Tropical rainforest food web Grassland food web - have life tiger zebra deer gorilla frog bird lizard Tropical rainforest snake lion Grassland goat
frog Plants live in: Tropical rainforest Grassland passion flower
coconut tree
drip tip
Stilt root

Just has
small flowers
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