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Murder Mystery of Vernon C. Byte

No description

Ashlynn Weigandt

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Murder Mystery of Vernon C. Byte

Vernon C. Byte Murder Mystery "They'll Never See Us Coming" Ninja Inc. Suspect Dermon "Dusty" Jones Dermont "Dusty" Jones is the Janitor at Virus Busters.... He was going to clean Vernon's office when he relized that the chair had been turned over, he went around the desk and found Vernon under the chair with the mouse cord wrapped around his neck. Profile of Suspect: Dusty has a day job as an assistant manager at the Home & Buliding Supply Store and also takes Saturday courses at the community college. The Murder Vernon C. Byte was a project leader in search for an antidote to a deadly virus that is crashing computer systems thoughout the world. The murder took place on March 7th at around 8:45 or 9:00 P.M. He was strangled by his mouse cord. Theory Dusty had gloves on. He struck Vernon over the head with one of his cleaning supplies to knock him out in order to delete all Vernon's work. As Dusty was deleting his work Vernon started to come to. Dusty struck him over the head one last time and wrapped the mouse cord around his neck, tied it in a knot, and strangled him. Murder Weapon The murder weapon was a computer mouse and mouse cord. Was Wrapped Around Vernon's Neck. Vernon C. Byte Dermont "Dusty" Jones Told you! You Never Seen Us Coming!
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