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No Easy Day Timeline


Adam Gaff

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of No Easy Day Timeline

No Easy Day September
2001 Osama Bin Ladin (UBL) attacks New York, NY. His men steal four passenger planes and attempted to kill a lot of people. He succeeded with only two planes, as they crashed into the two World Trade Center buildings. One of the other planes hit the Pentagon. The final plane crashed because a brave man took control and crash landed in an open field. that plane was meant to hit the White House. 2004 Mark Owen (writer) goes into Green Team training. This is one of the best training courses to be the best S.E.A.L (SE Air land commander). This is a very hard training course, but they get it done and that's why they're our best. Sept
2011 Mark is given one week off, then is told to go to DEVGRU, or Seal team 6. He flies off to Iraq for a mission and gets his first confirmed kill. Mark gets a few days off in between deployments and gets his lawn mulched. His team leader Jay calls the team in and tells them some pretty big news. They found UBL. At first Mark denied it but they were 100% sure this time. The next day, he is deployed to Afghanistan to prep/train for the mission. October
2011 Mark and his team climb aboard two Black Hawk helicopters and fly to Jalalabad. Once they arrive, Mark notices the helicopter he is in start to spin out of control. He thinks they are going to crash and he will be crushed because he is on the edge of helicopter. The helicopter crash lands, which is not good because it gives the people inside the compound warning that someone is here and now they can get ready. October
2011 October
(cont.) SEAL Team 6 storms the compound UBL is housed in. Mark and his team start from the bottom and move up. The third floor was the top floor. This is where Osama was. Mark is the point man. The man in front of him sees a body, he fires, killing somebody. October
(cont. X2) There were two women and two children in the room. The point man walked up to one woman and asked her who the man was. The woman paused and then said," Osama". The point man then said,"Osama WHO?" She said," Osama Bin Ladin". The man then walked over to the children and asked the same question. The also said it was Osama Bin Ladin. They couldn't confirm that the man was him just from the two people, so they took him to a professional. He then confirmed that he was the guy. October10
Mark arrives home and receives information that they are going to meet the president and have a meal with him. They receive a special speech from the president.
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