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Black Veil Brides!

No description

Rachel Moore

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Black Veil Brides!

Black Veil Brides!
By: Rachel Moore :)
The members in Black veil brides are.........
Andy Biersack <3
Jake Pitts

Ashley Purdy <3
and Jinxx
websites used:http://onepopz.com/100-facts-amazing-black-veil-brides/
Facts about the band
Black veil brides is an american rock band. The band formed in 2006 in Cincinnati Ohio.
Black Veil brides fan name is the BVB army! :)
Black veil Brides won the golden god's reward and the Kerrang award for the best international newcomer.
Black veil brides is an RnR band, not 'screamo', or 'goth' or etc.
Andy Biersack (the lead singer of Black veil brides) was #16 in the charts of the best known 50 rockstars.
When Andy Biersack was younger he was over weight. In 6th grade he moved to Cincinnati, Ohio and the bullying just worsened. He was sometimes hit and called 'emo' because of his hairstyle and the music he listened to. He wrote 'never give in' on his hand to never give in to the bullies. He also made a character named Andy sixx who helped him stay strong. That's what he called himself. At 13 he decided to end all of it, he wanted to make a band, a band that stood against bullying, and stood with the outcast. Even though people said he couldn't do it, he kept going after his goal. He lost weight, and got a few friends together and made a band called Biersack. Over the years they changed the name to Black Veil Brides. Andy was 19 when he got noticed and his fanbase grew. He still got bullied but he had fans who loved him, and his mother and fathers support. He goes by his real name now, Andy Biersack, not Andy Sixx. He reached his goal, he's now a famous singer, in a famous band.

Andy isn't only an inspiration, but a bullying survivor who made his dream come true.
Andy Biersacks story


Jake Pitts was inspired to play guitar by metallica at the age 13.
Jake was honored with revolver Magazine's best guitarist golden god's award in 2012
Jake got engaged to Ella Cole on August 23, 2012.
He joined Andy Biersack 3 years after the band was formed.
lead guitarist
The song Carolyn was written for Jake's mother, when she was going through a period of illness. On the 18th of January 2014 his mother passed away. I tried to find what illness she had, but i had no success with finding it.
Facts behind the song Carolyn
Facts about Ashley Purdy!
He was never really bullied, he was always the cool kid because he was different compared to the the other kids.
Andy got in contact with Ashley Purdy over Craigslist about joining Black veil brides.
Ashley had a natural talent of being an artist, and Ashley was very athletic.
Ashley is the only child, he didn't have any parents. He was raised by his grandparents, his parents all died before he started Black Veil Brides, sadly. But if they were still alive they would be very proud of Ashley.
CC was born April 21, 1985. He is currently 29. He was born in California. Christians real name is Christian Coma. Christian is the drummer in black veil brides, he joined black veil brides in September 2010, replacing drummer Sandra Alvarenga, which left Black veil Brides for the band Modern Day escape. He started his music career as a drummer for a jazz band. He is the most recent member of Black Veil Brides.
Facts about CC!
Black Veil Brides song 'set the world on fire' was played in scream 4!
Intresting fact!!!
Black veil brides name is about the nuns marrying into the church and giving up the cardinal pleasures of life as they know it. It does not have any religious meaning considering the lead singer is not religious.
The main message behind their music is to believe in yourself. Also to just stand up for yourself, and to live your life how you choose. Black veil brides says " you only have one life, make the most of it."
Facts about jinxx
Guitarist and violinist
His real name is Jeremy Miles Ferguson.
Jeremy was born on the 7th of January in Iowa.
Jeremy was in a band called The dreaming and 80 proof riot.
Jeremy's first album he has ever owned was by Metallica.
Facts about Andy Biersack!
Andy's full name is Andrew Dennis Biersack
Andy was born on December 26, 1990.
The school Andy went to was Ohio high school of performing arts.
When Andy was younger, he was a model.
The first tattoo Andy has ever gotten was at the age of 16
Andy's inspirations are Kiss and Motley Crew.
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