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No description

tyler walker

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of people

Robert . E . Lee left the union to join the
confederacy he was a general
he repersented andrew johnson
the president of the confederacy harriet Tubman was a slave she escaped
and whent to the free state
but she whent back she freed
other slaves and became a hero ulysses.s.grant was a general in the
civil war who made
robert.e.lee surinder
to him mary lincon was the wife of presideent
lincon aberham lincon was the president of
united states while the
civil war had started stone wall jackson was a general in the civil
who was shot in the shouler
but did not move he was like
a stone wall jefferson davis was the president of the
south when they seceded
from the north john booth was the man who killed lincon
a few days after the civil war
ended general philip sheridan won the third victory
for the confederacy ganeral john hood was first in the union but changed
sides to the confederacy goerge Mclellan whent to west piont
acadamy and was in the uion who is he he was the
i6th president who is she ? she was
a slave but she ecaped how dare you this
man left the union and
whent to the confederacy why ovcorse my lady
this women is the first lady
guess what her name is bring him and hang him
by his toes he killed _________ he whent to west piont
and was for the union he was a presidant to
but of thr cofederacy he won the third victory theres jackson like a syone wall he defeted robert e lee
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