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Bermuda Youth Association

Group E

Ryan Robinson Perinchief

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Bermuda Youth Association

Bermuda Youth Association Mission Statement Group E Representing Bermuda's Youth Through Unity Media/Marketing Strategy Day-to-day Infrastructure Funding Accountability Budget The Bermuda Youth Association strives to unite Bermuda's youth through common interests while identifying and attempting to solve issues affecting the youth in our community. Identified Issues Crime and Gang Violence
Education and Employment
Entertainment The Youth Coalition's representatives will canvass school students to identify issues impacting them. Location: Royal Gazette Boardroom Meet once a week after school
Press releases at least once a month
August - June of the next year Each school's representatives will present to their school on a regular basis, informing them of the Coalition's goals and initiatives. The student voting population will hold their representatives accountable. Election Process One representative from each high school year (9-12) for a total of 32 elected council members Administrative officials will be elected from the 32 members: Elected annually by individual student bodies There are numerous young people that wish to be heard within the community. Barritt's Digicel XL Possible Sponsors: Marketplace Buzz HSBC Rubis Bank of Butterfield Use local contacts. Radio: Hott 1075, Vibe103
Promoting our plans. Television: Channel 80, Channel 7
Commercials promoting the youth voice. Newspaper: Youth News
Articles publishing opinions
and causes Word of mouth Social Media: Bermuda Buzz Become a registered charity Community awareness will raise curiosity and commitment Adult facilitators will be on hand to assist and consult, but will not interfere with majority decisions made by the members. Vice President Chairperson Secretary Asst. Secretary Marketing Manager Event Planner Equipment Manager Treasurer Asst. Treasurer President Each school will assist with the election process, to be held in October/November Bermuda Youth
Association A constitution will be created to outline the council's operation Conclusion The Bermuda Youth Association will represent Bermuda's youth through unity, and will advocate for the needs of the people we represent. Any questions?
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