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Diego lopez,

No description

lib hist

on 7 September 2018

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Transcript of Diego lopez,

Lucian Adams
- Adams was born in Texas
-Adams also died in Texas in 2003
-he served for 2 years
-he was 21 when he went to war
-his branch was the army

He earned the Medal of Honor for single handedly dispatching enemy machine guns and surviving through it
Medal Of Honor
Diego lopez, Tchecoy Blount, Devin Sarao
Melvin Morris
-He was born in Okmuglee, Oklahoma
-He was a Sergeant First Class with valor 24
-Melvin Morris was a Special Forces soldier enlisted into the "green berets".
-Morris was trying to get into the army after high school and enlisted 3 times to go into the Vietnam War.
-He was awarded the Medal of Honor in 2014 by President Obama.

Morris was recognized for his actions on September 17, 1969. He led an advance behind enemy lines to help a injured comrade. He single handedly destroyed an enemy force with a hand gernades, as he was running back with the injured comrade he was shot 3 times but he never stopped.
Sammy L. Davis
-Davis's family had a long tradition of military service
-Davis served in the Vietnam War
-He saved 3 wounded soliders while being injured himself
-Davis had a wife named DIxie and three children
-Davis died on May, 23, 2006

Sammy L. Davis earned the Medal of Honor because he saved 3 wounded soliders while wounded himself on an air matress across a river
Compare and Contrast


- Sammy davis and Melvin Moores were both enlisted n the Vietnam War

-Melvin Moores and Lucian Adams both enlisted almost 2-3 years after high school
-Sammy Davis and Lucian Adams both enlisted in different wars

-Sammy Davis died in 2006 while Lucian Adams died in 2003

Legends Rise

Timmy was in his room playing on a very old gaming console, when all of a sudden the console was glowing, and zapping.

Timmy: Whats going on!

then Lucian Adams, Melvin Moores and Sammy Davis all pop out of the old war video game.

Lucian Adams: boy, we need your help!

Timmy: help with what?

Sammy Davis: we need you to help us go back in time and save the army!

Timmy: what happened?

Melvin Moores: if we dont go back the whole world is doomed!

Timmy: okay, ill help.

Then lucian Adams, Melvin Moores, Sammy davis and Timmy all hop back into the tv.
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