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Effective Project Manager

Khaled Hamadmad

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Leadership

Project Management Leadership Being an effective Project manager Managing VS Leading Project Perfect life Plan Project Manager in Deliver ON TIME Tracking progress Building a Team Scheduling & What to do Next Customer Satisfaction & Top Management satisfaction The 3 constrains "While (True)" loop But, in Our Life People get testy Longer than expected It's Up-Side-Down Fail to complete each other Technical Problems No Commitment Project Manager should get the PROJECT back on the track The Peace Maker Business
Opportunities Threats Changes Time Cost Scope By taking the right decisions & Corrective actions Project Stakeholders Managing Project Stakeholders Project Manager Project Team Top Management Administration Functional Managers Sponsors Project Managers Government Other Organizations Customers Contractors PM should spend more time with people involved directly with the project. Influence as Exchange "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.. " Inspiration-Related Task-Related Currencies Personal-Related Position-Related Currencies Relationship-Related Currencies Currencies Currencies Currencies Mapping dependencies Managing by Wandering Around Managing Upward Relations Social Network Building Finding the key players 3 Questions: Whose opposition would keep us from accomplishing the project? Whose agreement will we need? Whose cooperate will we need? (MBWA) Effective Project Manager initiate contact with key players to keep abreast of Developments Anticipate potential problems Encouragement and reinforce objectives of the project. The relation with top management is reflected in an appropriate budget, responsiveness to unexpected need and the ability to motivate the team. Walk to Talk Leading By Examples Standards of Performance Problem Solving Cooperation Urgency Priorities Ethics Today, Acting & behaving ethically, is more important than ever Effective Project manager should be able to make ethical decisions under pressure and in deadlines Political Animals To be influential, exercise influence in manner that builds and sustains the trust of others. Flexible but Firm Hands-off/Hands-on Team VS
Organization loyalty Encourage individuals
but stress the team See the big picture while
getting your hands dirty Innovate and maintain stability Qualities of an effective
project manager Project Managers have to be able to deal with the contradictory nature of their work Far from the perfect life,
Project Manager could follow some advices and traits to perform the job: 8 of these traits Proactive Personal Integrity Systems Thinker General Business Perspective High Emotional Intelligence EQ Effective Time Management Skillful Politician Optimist THANK YOU Khaled Hamadmad Michael VERBRAEKEN Dhruv MALHORTA Min YANG
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