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Third Grade Angles

No description

Spencer Erfmeier

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Third Grade Angles

Events (continued)
4. Everyone wanted a halo so badly that when an opportunity to rescue a lady's hat came up, the hat was destroyed! That was un-angelic behavior!
5. The kids learn that the teacher can't be bribed!
6. Suds worries that his good deeds will go un-noticed.
7. Kids were being bad behind Mrs. Simms' back, and this was upsetting to Suds.
Main Character
The main character is "Suds," his real name is George and it is the first day of third grade.
The story has many different settings. The main setting is at school in Mrs. Simms third grade classroom. Many of the events happen on the playground and at home. One of the events takes place in the neighborhood of the main character, Suds.
Third Grade Angels
written by: Jerry Spinelli

Supporting characters
The supporting characters are Joey (the new kid), Zippernose (Suds' ANNOYING sister), Judy Billings (the girl who Joey likes), and Gerald Wilis(the bully).
More Supporting Characters...
Mrs. Simms is the third grade teacher. Constantina Pappas is a girl in his class that does a really nice thing for Suds. Darren Tapp is Suds biggest competition for the "halo."
1. The first day of third grade in Mrs Simms' class. They are finally 3rd grade "Angels."
2. The "angels" learn about how to earn a halo.
3. George becomes nervous about getting the first halo. He wants it very badly and has to take "bubble baths" to calm the "chipmunks" in his belly. That's how he got the nickname "Suds."
More Events...
Presentation by: Spencer Erfmeier
8. Suds takes more baths to calm his worries about his good deeds going un-noticed.
9. One day, Suds saved a dog from getting run over by a car. He wrote a note to the teacher telling her about it.
10. Constantina is awarded the first halo! Suds is a good sport, the teacher pays him a visit at home to explain that his good deed was reported in a note from Constantina.
Important items...
1. I chose to include bubble bath because this is what gave him his nickname, "Suds" and it calmed him down.
2. I chose to include a chipmunk because Suds always said he felt like he had a chipmunk in his belly
3. I chose to include a hat because this caused "un-angelic" behavior.
4. I chose to include a halo because it was the prize which everyone was going for!
The End!
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