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Where are the Teddy Boys?

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on 22 February 2014

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Transcript of Where are the Teddy Boys?

Now you know all the features to look out for
Can you spot the Teddy Boy?
Their Hair:
Strongly-moulded and greased up
Combed sides
Duck's ass
How do you spot a Teddy Boy?
Their shoes:
Chunky brogues
Highly polished Oxfords
Crepe-soled shoes
How do you spot a Teddy Boy?
Their clothes:
Drape jackets
Drainpipe trousers
High-necked, loose-collared white shirt
A narrow or western 'Maverick' tie
Brocade Waistcoat.
How do you spot a Teddy Boy?
They are in the 1950s
Where are the Teddy Boys?
Did you find the Teddy Boys?
Don't worry if you didn't - some of those were tricky. Lets take a look at some famous Teddy Boys.
Famous Teddy Boys
The Beatles
(When they were young)
Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys)
(In the 2010s)

(When he was playing young John Lennon in a film - it sort of counts)
Aaron Johnson
What did the Teddy Boys do?
Their main thing was their look, which I just explained, but they also liked to:
Listen to jazz music.
Listen to skiffle music.
Dance 'The Creep' (a slow shuffle)
Be differentiated as teenagers (the first subculture to do so.)
Listen to rock & roll music.
Teddy Boys
Representation in
the Media
The Teddy Boys were represented negatively in the media. It was thought that their Edwardian clothes were 'outrageous' and that anyone seen wearing them must be a violent 'delinquent'. This negative image is due to the various riots started by some Teddy Boys around the country.
The US film 'Blackboard Jungle' was thought responsible for many of the Teddy Boy's riots started in cinemas around the country.
Unfortunately this was just the start of the Teddy Boys riots, which were exaggerated by the press. The most notable of these riots were the 1958 Notting Hill riots.
1958 Notting Hill Race Riots
The end of World War II had seen a marked increase in Caribbean migrants to Britain. By the 1950s some white working-class Teddy Boys were beginning to display hostility towards the black families in the area.
One Night a mob of 300 to 400 white people, many of them "Teddy Boys", were seen on Bramley Road attacking the houses of West Indian residents. The disturbances, rioting and attacks continued every night until they petered out by 5 September.
Teddy Boys in the Newspapers
Was it Fair?
In retrospect it is thought now that the coverage of the Teddy Boys in the press was exaggerated and some even believe they were used as scapegoats. Robert J. Cross said in his paper 'The Teddy Boy as a Scapegoat':
'The negative image of the Teddy Boys was largely constructed by adult society which, confronting the teenager phenomenon for the first time, sought to marginalize or even eradicate what it saw as a threat to civic order. Adult society...achieved this largely through creating a ‘moral panic’ among the population and scapegoating the Teddy Boys.'
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