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Informative Research About The Urban Tribes Known Today At The UK

francisco benitez

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of UK TRIBES

Trendies Townies Aspirant Mainstream Mainstream Urban Alternative Leading Edge Young Alts Indie Scenesters Get Paid Crew Blingers DIYers Trackies Sports Junkies Casuals Street Rats Chavs Boy Racers Ravers Rahs Skaters Metalheads Emos Scene Kids Gamers Grungers Geeks Hipsters Craft Kids is the biggest part of the market alternative/trendy lifestyles and music = accessibility most youngsters start as part of these group dictates the celebrity system by their willingness best way to reach the is TV and radio little interest in seeing the world’ in the future Having children is very important to this segment’s future love spending time with family party-loving kids who used to be fashion leaders but now
find their scene heavily laced with alternative music Townies Trendies the most desirable demographic for marketers Aspirant Mainstream kids will spend money to get the look, the music and the lifestyle they want Reached through magazines and billboards but by far the biggest drivers are friends within their own and bordering Tribes Celebrities more important than Social Media spend big on the basics like jeans, bags and makeup. they are self-consciously fashionable. You either buy into their relatively-ahead-ofthe-curve clothing and music taste, or scorn it requires serious spending power and free time to match their well-researched taste and vintage clothing UK Tribes a Marmite tribe tend to move in big clans dip into urban and indie scenes showy fashion Shouty braying voices the regular kids seen hanging out on the high street they regard themselves as normal favors popular music and fashion generally suspicious of Emos, Goths and anyone different inheritors of the ladmag generation keen on crisp sportswear, football and drinking genre of reading material that sits just below porn and to the right of music monthlies at your corner shop, usually featuring a bint with large assets on the front cover. It assumes (correctly) that its target audience cares only for cars, tits, lager and casual sexism, in approximately that order. (www.urbandictionary.com) proud of their tacky fashion and anti-social behaviour a social underclass Tribe which no-one joins of their own volition Love cars, bass-driven music; they are resourceful and web savvy and proud of their lifestyles. Urban music is the most pervasive and influential genre in popular music Urban segment are therefore very close to one of the biggest cultural signifier in the youth market Urban segment is small slice of the market create and dictate tastes enthusiasts who don’t produce but enjoy consuming music and film with their friends Urban fashion and music extends into mainstream publishing and TV the core Tribe members are most influenced by what they see around them in their urban environments Reached by YouTube, Myspace and Facebook Use intimidating hooded tops although conversation is friendly open-minded and laid back preoccupied with US music and icons spend big on label fashion sometimes mocked everyone has a bit of Blinger in Urban a brash version of the traditional working classes driven by money but proud of their urban background could be hardworking money or dirty money have identified the core of their lives understand their own culture and make music and media for themselves have a lively local market and occasional global break-outs. alternative taste in music fashion no longer automatically denotes outsider status a significant slice of the youth market enthusiasm for indie fashion and band culture presents on middle class kids are vaguely rebellious but don’t yet have a specific focus to rally against predominantly made up of white working and middle class kids passionate about music, and their friendship groups tastes and activities are largely defined online Reached through niche magazines and social media. lacks of intelligence, culture and possess an in-bred nature of stupidity Use Bling online profiles and pastimes have assumed more importance than real-world socializing globalized Tribe with eclectic and influential taste in games, music and film, but no real need for fashion. interested in angst heavily over-lapping tribes with Goth-derived fashion sense US-led rock music tastes have dyed black, straight hair, and wear tight t-shirts which bear the names of emo bands, studded belts, skate shoes or other black shoes and thick, black horn-rimmed glasses Kids concerned with socializing and building massive online presences glued to their computers Similar to Skaters although real grungers have a heavier style of music and clothes Usually seen in battered jeans, baggy jumpers, and sleeves pulled down with holes through which thumbs are poked adopting teens early and keeping them until their mid-twenties

small, fiercely loyal friendship groups

fluid about fashion but fanatical about their core preoccupations

rock music and skating

music genre : Punk rock, Emo, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, and possibly Goth the gateway Tribe to the Alternative and Leading Edge scenes is a massive group who snap up all kinds of media and accessories as they ape their elders the smallest segment in the youth market they drive taste across virtually all other sectors, impacting on the listening habits and fashions of everyone from rural teenage Emos to the stars of US hip hop gateway of popular culture, and are the main influence over other Tribes like the Young Alts hard to manipulate “prepared to pay more for good
quality wine” “heavy drinking is more
harmful than taking drugs.” tend to be fairly grown up It takes
time, research and mentoring to grow into a true expert sharing this savvy with younger kids is a big part of the pleasure in being a Leading Edge tastemaker. classic hit-makers and an awareness of what
is blowing up with these Tribes is a prerequisite of youth
marketing. small sub Tribe but very influential on fashion, food, creativity and more through the power of their blogs and ideas. their enthusiasm for recycling, knitwear and art makes them recognizable descendents of the once massive Hippy tribe. Geeks, Indie Scenesters and Hipsters are the holy grail of youth marketing: three fluid and almost intangible Tribes with a massive influence on popular culture, but very hard to predict gifted and hard to impress, but generous with their time, fans of guitar music who would
(and did) love it with or without the cool cachet They stay ahead of the scene on the web. like the newest and best in every section of music, media and fashion they quickly move on as they've signifies their approval went to private school (or wish they had)
likes rugby (not football)
probably a member of a rowing, sailing or yachting club
refer to their parents as "Mummy and Daddy". Boys: often seen to be wearing a lemon (or any pastel shade) sweatshirt slung casually over their shoulders and deck shoes.

Girls:Dress similar to that of boys along with pearls, numerous shopping bags and Daddy's credit card. though they listen to garage music and normally dress in grubby shell-toed Nike trainers, rolled-up Adidas tracksuit bottoms and an unmatching jogging top, regardless of the sex. Street rats are generally on their own and feel at home anywhere in a given city.
The alleys, buildings, dumpsters are their domain Spend all money on their cars Tribe Icons
Jay Z, Kanye West, Dizzee Rascal, Damon Dash, Alan Sugar, Barack Obama Tribe Icons
Chris Brown, Jay-Z, Rhianna, Beyonce, Barack Obama, Russell Simmons Tribe Icons
Dizzee Rascal, Wiley, Jay Z, Rio Ferdinand, Chris Rock, Chris Brown Tribe Icons
Skream, Dizzee Rascal, Benga, Wiley, Jay-Z & J Dilla
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