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The awesome ThingMonk

IBM Hursley goes to ThingMonk

john mcnamara

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of The awesome ThingMonk

IBM Hursley goes to
What's a
Have a listen to @Monkchips
(aka James Governor)
i can tell you for a fact - that coffee is very very...very nice
(I still haven't slept since last Tuesday)
In other words -
"The event will bridge Web Startup Internet of Things communities with their peers in the Industrial Internet/Machine to Machine space. We will bring elite developers and practitioners together, fostering cross-sector collaboration."
"Inauguration is this year’s theme. We’ll examine how different communities can learn from each other to create great products and user experiences."
"2014 is looking to be the year when I0T kicks into high gear, after years of promise. Cloud, Big Data and the Open API revolution are all driving the Internet of Things in areas such as Operational Maintenance. The Internet of Things is finally arriving."
Who went?
These people...
Al again...
also starring..
other Nick again
The frankly very disturbing James
Josie again
Anton again
Nick again...
other Nick
the one and only Dave
Andy Stanford-Clark
Day One
Stuff you should know
Lot's of awesome thing hackery!
But first...
Our assigned robot overlord
Thanks to the legendary
Duffy Fron
Mr Awesome
We had coffee - lots of it. And it was awesome!
(i once had an amplifier that looked like this)
And put us in the perfect frame of mind for hacking
So what did we hack..?
Well Nick O'Leary made a robot driven by mqtt, NodeRed and Node.js
and so intelligent that it began to perform tests on the developers
it even expressed its displeasure when we failed by frowning at us
And went on to oversee our progress toward the now inevitable robopocalypse
as its concerned creator looked on
The robot was relentless driving Nick to work through the night...
...to bring about the robopocalypse
Nick wasn't the only one hacking away.

Anton was using mqtt, NodeRed, Twitter and an arduino - to create a social 'bot' that searched for tweets containing #thingmonk and lit up to notify the user.

Check out the live test
if you listen carefully you can hear me say the magic words " I'll send a tweet!" - just before the bulb lights up.
Meanwhile, Al had created a location based robopocalypse simulator using mqtt, NodeRed and MessageSight. Looked awesome up on the big screen @Thingmonk
This is very similar to the work he did @Hackfest where he also incorporated a Sphero to defeat the robots!
The hackery continued with Crispin and his team putting together an energy monitoring system using mqtt and NodeRed
Quite the setup!
While James and Josie
hacked with light sensors and arduinos
and mercilessly plugged...
Ladies who Code
Day Two
Epic talks!
The awesome Haiyan Zhang
An inspirational talk on how crowdscience helped
raise public awareness and provided access to
accurate information on radiation levels after the
Fukushima tragedy.
Find out more - http://blog.safecast.org/
The terrific Tom Taylor
A top talk on Atomic Startups. Focused on the
practicalities. Epic and useful in equal quantities
Find out more - https://twitter.com/tomtaylor
The epic Malcolm Sparks and Yodit Stanton
Fantastic talk on collecting sensor data
and processing it at scale, to create meaningful
More info here -
The exciting Patrick Bergel
A compelling talk on the future of
connected devices. Where is it all going?

More info:
The delightful Nick O'Leary and Dave Conway Jones
Top talks from the IBM crew. All about
messaging, the #iot and the ridiculously easy to use
NodeRed. Seriously awesome!
Awesome info: http://knolleary.net/talks/node-red-thingmonk/#/title
The extremely interesting Andy Piper
A top talk by Andy on The Internet of Signals and how
behaviour is driven by responding to them intelligently.
A top talk by a top man. Nice one Andy!
More info: http://www.slideshare.net/andypiper/the-internet-of-things-is-made-of-signals
I promise to buy BF4 on my XBOX
so we can resume the epic teamwork
we exhibited in BF3...
p.s Andy
Just some of the EPIC talks on day 2
For a full list check this out....
The Top Drawer Action!
the structure -
a mix of hacking and talks is
a great blend. It means you get the opportunity
to learn about the tech, the people, the applications
and then play - genius idea!
the coffee!
the food!
the people
the ideas
the tone
the toys!
the venue!
the talks
the beer!
the chance to play
It was so good...
...that when the lights went out
The party really started!
Thanks @Monkchips !!
We'll be putting up details of our hacks on:

IBM Messaging Blog
- http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/connect/ibmmessaging
IBM Internet of Things blog
- http://ibminternetofthings.tumblr.com/

Follow us: @IBMMessaging & @IBMiot
and his awesome crew
for more details on the epic ThingMonk
you can check out my blog too
- http://ibm.co/18gMyiC

Coffee hack
Banana drone
The Robopocalypse begins
(i didnt forget you buddy!)
Full transcript