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Duron Energy

5 min presentation

Frank Hettlinger

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Duron Energy

Duron Energy The Vision A world where everyone can benefit from reliable and sustainable power. The Mission To empower rural homes and shops by providing access to reliable, affordable, safe, clean power. The Challenge Approximately 3 billion people live without adequate access to reliable power. One in four people have no access at all. Often, the only energy options available are unhealthy, unreliable, environmentally unfriendly and expensive. The Approach We believe a market-driven approach is needed in order to make sustainable change at a large scale. We follow five guiding principles: Understand our customers.
Make great products.
Win our customers' trust.
Track our impact.
Develop our team. Duron's History Founded in 2008 within Idealab in Pasadena, CA Founders : John Howard
James Burgess
Ghyrn Loveness
Amit Shah
Bill Gross - Idealab CEO Original Idea - to develop a business model to provide affordable and reliable
electricity to millions of people worldwide Conducted research in Africa and Asia in 2008
Decided solar power was the way to go
Moved to India in 2009
Duron Solar Home System developed as a result of trials in India Timeline INVEST? No
Too expensive for target market
Accounts for 1/4th of income
Takes more time to recharge than be useful
Duron Revenue The Duron- 5,999 rupees or $130 U.S.
Marketed primarily to rural India
Micro financing options
Currently selling a few thousand units a month
Partnering up with NGO’s such as World vision
Similar Companies Leroy Duron
Daniel Duron
Jet Energy
Static Power
Similar to other companies QUESTIONS? ?
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