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Edna Izquierdo

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Paris

spainsh is the official and heavily dominant language in veracruz The tajin,the mother culture of mexico is an Archaeological treasure located north of veracruz.Their name comes from the Aztec world meaning rubber country inhabitanl La Bamba was recorded by Harry Belafonte in 1956 and 1960 at Carnegie Hall Veracruz Carnival is the home of the world's largest temporary stadium holding the greatest paid annual attendance.veracruz Carnival has done every year since 1923. The eighth aquarium mas visited of the world abrio his(her,your) doors in 1992 to turn into a little time into emblem of the modern port of veracruz. is also the oceanic aquarium big mas of latinoamerica and there contains one of the complete colecclones mas of aquatic organisms(organizations), so much of sweet as(like) marine waters in differentes ecosystems. The aquarium not only fulfills a recreative function but he(she) contributes(pays) widely with investigations(researches) and conservation worldwide. It(he,she) has not to perderselol 4 times heroic city and port of Veracruz possesses(relies on) also the equipment(team) of the Red ones of the Eagle of Veracruz in the Mexican League of Baseball, besides the Red Sharks of Veracruz in the League of Ascent of Mexico; and from the Season 2005 with the Red Falcons of Veracruz in the National League of Professional Basketball. It is necessary to indicate, that from the year 2006 the Red ones of Veracruz (branch of the "Eagle") take part in the Winter League Veracruzana.

In the city of Veracruz the beisbolista "Beto" was born Avila the Latin-American player first in being a champion batter in the Big Leagues of Baseball, to which in honoring they put his(her,your) name to the park of the "Eagle" that is the Sports University Park "Beto Ávila"; and the football player Luis "Pirate" Source(Fountain) the Mexican player first in playing [?Cuidado! El texto que desea traducir contiene demasiado caracteres. Por eso la traducción ha sido dividida.] Veracruz Mexico Traditional food of Veracruz: shrimp soup, octopus in its own ink, spicy baked fish, salsas and limes, cocktail of shrimp, octopus, snail and crab and fresh cooked prawns Population 7,110,214 Three autochthonous cultures populated to the territory of the today been of Veracruz: the huastecos, the totonacas and the Olmec ones, which to saying of some investigators(researchers), were these a vast ethnic community of related peoples(villages) and culturally. The area occupied by the huastecos was including from Tamaulipas's south, San Luis' part(report) Fortune, Querétaro, It(He,She) populates and Nobleman and for the south the river Dogfishes. The most ancient remains of this culture have been in the zone of the Pánuco.

The huasteco was one of the peoples(villages) that less I develop in the condition(state), because of the constant invasions that it(he,she) was suffering on the part of the Barbarian peoples(villages) of the north, which were penetrating in search of provisions, for what there exist scanty vestiges of his(her,your) ceremonial buildings, if perhaps Teayo's Castle that some of they of them identify. History
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