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No description

Kat Lopez-White

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of Prezume

Student worker,
Tutor and
Peer Mentor

The Art Institute
CA-SF 2009-2010
Provided assistance to student inquiries in the Career service department.

Served as a student ambassador for Fashion Marketing & Management.

Created and promoted student events to build student community.

Tutored various Fashion Marketing classes.
Freelance Graphic Design
Corinthia Peoples, 2010
Recruitment & Training Consultant
Staff Search Asia, 2011

Developed action plans, workshops and devised an organizational scheme for the recruitment process.

Utilized social media as a marketing strategy to advertise job openings, mine resumes and generate greater candidate leads.

Resulted in increased of recruitment pool and clients reported better performance of outsourced employees.
AS Fashion Marketing


Berkeley, CA 94703


BA in Production
Design 2008
Assistant Stylist
"The Sweet Life"
Assisted Head Stylist during
selection of wardrobe and accessories
from sponsors/designers.

Organized and styled wardrobe for hosts in
each episode.
Best in Portfolio
Conceptualized and created consistent visual
branding for company.

Designed and edited layout for online
newsletters and flyers for events.

Created graphics and content for email
marketing via Constant Contact software.
Sales Specialist
Coach Bay Street

Focused on sales and excelled immediately because
of high-level product knowledge and dynamic
customer service.

Used Clientrack software to build client base plus
trend research as selling strategy,
achieved weekly, monthly and yearly sales goals
and exceeded it by 40%

Assisted visual manager with monthly floor set;
prepped handbags, follow plan-o-gram and
made sure all display requirements are met.
Identified client's needs, analyze weakness in their business strategy, market proposals, and negotiate project rates.

Conducted over 50 training seminars and workshop on Customer Service, Effective Recruitment, Trainer's Training and Client pre-service orientation.

Good client relations and mentoring were acknowledged as having a visible and lasting positive impact.

Business Consultant
BECMI, 2011-2012

Sales and Customer Service Training, Forever Flawless Beauty and Skincare
March 2012-June 2012

Customer Service Training, Abenson Group of Companies, March 2012

Trainer’s Training, DOLE Philippines, March 2012

Effective Recruitment Workshop, Staff Search Asia, November 2011-January 2012

Effective Recruitment Workshop, DOLE Philippines Cooperative, December 2011

Service Excellence, Cafe France, November 2011

Trainer’s Training, Staff Search Asia, September 2011

Internal Customer Service Workshop,
August 2011 - March 2012

Worked with a client to turn a workforce of about 100 who had been falling about 25% short of the company’s sales goals into effective salespeople that achieved their quota.
Passion for People

Social Responsibility
Creative Decision Making and Problem Solving
Multi-tasker, Organized,
Driven & Resourceful
Graphic Design, Social Media, CRM +Tech Savvy
Customer Service
Expertise and Skill set
Assistant Director of Admissions

Managed inquiries to achieve prompt contact and performance activity weekly goals.

Conducted interviews to pursue qualified candidates for enrollment based upon career goal compatibility.

Accurately and completely portrays Institutes educational programs, expected outcomes, student services and financial consideration.

Adheres to all state and federal accreditation and University rules and regulations regarding student recruitment in accordance with the highest ethical standards.
Hi I'm Kat!
and I'm a bridal consultant

Louis Vuitton


Responsible for providing outstanding customer service and professional communications for over 170 stores in the LV North America network.

Facilitate product inquiries, track inventory nationwide, process orders, and execute company policies effectively.

Build and maintain clientele to enhance relationships and brand loyalty to drive overall revenue, growth and attain sales goals.
Process e-commerce sales: serving as a liaison between louisvuitton.com, 866-VUITTON, LVNA boutiques and Corporate division.

Serve as Brand Ambassador by providing insight and educating clients to past, present and future product launches.

Document all calls and customer communications through multiple CRM platform systems.
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