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Odyssey Hero Journey

Odysseus's Hero Journey

Kieran Von Krenner

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Odyssey Hero Journey

Odyssey Hero Journey The Call Quotes:
Quote 1 "After declaring war on troy, Menelaus recruited kings and soldiers from all around Greece to help him fight."(pg. 710)
This is what set's in motion the events of the Iliad, and in continuation, the Odyssey.
This also explain's one, of the many believed purposes for the Trojan War, which was the central part of the Iliad.
This is evidently the Call, as it set's Odysseus on his way to Troy, and the adventures that await.
Quote 2: "Odysseus, king of Ithaca (a small Ionian Island off the coast of western Greece), did not want to leave his family and his homeland."(pg. 710-711)
Show's, how, even from the beginning, Odysseus cared very deeply about his family, and his home.
Explain's that despite the Call being sounded, Odysseus originally had no intention of answering it. The Threshold Quotes:
Quote 1 "For ten years, the Greeks laid siege to Troy but could not penetrate the city - until "clever Odysseus", as Homer called him, devised a plan." (pg. 711)
This show's just how long the Trojan war lasted, and how it would have continued without Odysseus's aid.
It also show's how the Greek appreciated him through history.
Quote 2 "Their ship is tossed about by Poseidon, the god of the sea, who holds a grudge against Odysseus." (pg. 711)
This quote show's he is ready for the trials of the Odyssey, as his cunning was what allowed the war to be won, and his cunning is what would keep him alive through his wandering years.
It also shows the how great and unforgivable the rage of the gods is. The Challenge's Quote:
Quote 1: "Oh hear me
lord, blue girdler of the
islands....under strange
sail to bitter days at home"(pg.732-733)
This was the curse that Polyphemus would place on Odysseus, and Poseidon, who would hound Odysseus in his journey's would hear it. This sets in motion many of his challenges
Quote 2: "O Father Zeus and gods in bliss forever... dead men in the underworld"(pg. 758)
This is the curse Helios lays on Odysseus and his men, and it is what sends Odysseus to Calypso, where he spends many years. It also is what causes him to lose all his men, and fulfil another part of Polyphemus's prophecy The Abyss Quotes:
Quote 1 "But glaring under his brows Odysseus answered." (pg. 777)
Show's Odysseus rage, and how he now, near the end of his journey in his own halls, must face more men than he has ever had to before. It also show's his cold, unforgivable side to those that cross him.
Quote 2: "Now at the climax of the fight, the goddess makes her presence known..."
Show's that at the end of his trial's, the god's themselves show him their favor. It also gives a possibility, whereas if Odysseus had not had the gods favored, he may have lost Ithaca Theme
It is sometime's better to stay at home than go to war
This is seen later in the story, whereas because he went to war, he was one of the few Greek's to make it home, and his trials were lengthy to get there.
It also show's that, you can be the smartest man alive, but eventually, misfortune will knock at your door. The Transformation The Revelation The Atonement The Return Troy Theme:
Sometimes a single act by a single man can change the fate of many.
Shows that Odysseus's plan, ended the Trojan war and changed the lives of many.
Also, his actions in the Trojan war would have effect's on his journey's, such as killing one of Poseidon's sons, an act that would earn him the god's hatred. Note: For challenges I have put Polyphemus and Helio's cattle, as I believe they are two very defining challenges. Theme:
The Road may be a long one, but it simply makes the prize at the end that much sweeter.
This theme show's that while Odysseus went through many challenges, when he finally arrived at Ithaca he could truly appreciate it. It also show's that sometimes, the journey is half the reward.
Odysseus going to war The Trojan War Polyphemus and Helios Massacre at the Great Hall Theme:
The end can be so close, yet so far away.
Odysseus finally reaches the end of his journey, arrives in the great hall, and must face another trial.
It shows at the end, we sometimes must summon the strength to go the mile one more time Calypso's Island
Quote 1: "The sweet days of his life time were running out in anguish over his exile, for long ago the nymph had ceased to please" (pg. 717)
Show's that Odysseus quickly came to realize that the truth of home is far better than the lies off Myth. It also show's Odysseus realises his own mortality, and that his day's are becoming numbered.
Quote 2: "He will be ready to go free at last." (pg. 717)
He finally realizes that, while he is the most cunning man in Greece, he is also the King of Ithaca. It also explains, that in some ways he was a prisoner to Calypso. Theme:
There is no place like home.
This is the single recurring theme throughout the Odyssey, but it is strongest here.
Show's the love Odysseus has for Penelope, for it to endure so long Calypso's Island Quotes:
Quote 1 " My quiet Penelope- how well I know- would seem a shade before your majesty, death and old age being unknown to you, while she must die." (pg.718)
Show's that while the immortals may live forever, all they love will turn to dust. It also show's that Odysseus's love for Penelope is eternal.
Quote 2 " Yet it is true, each day, I long for home."(pg.719)
His desire for home outweighs even the desire every man has for immortality.
It may say that home is worth more than anything else in the world.
Theme: Love can be Eternal
Odysseus's love for Penelope is that which keeps him going, as well as the desire to see his son.
Also says that true love can endure any trial and last.
Penelope's Test Quotes:
Quote 1 "There are secret signs we know, we two." (pg.780)
Show's that Penelope distrusts everyone, even Odysseus.
Also show's Odysseus's patience with her.
Quote 2 "Peace, let your mother test me at leisure."
Explains that Odysseus is willing to do anything to win Penelope back, even recieve her distrust.
Also Telemachus's disbelief, as he assumed Penelope would automatically fall into Odysseus's arms. Theme:
It can be hard to pick up the pieces after years.
This theme show's that
distrust can get into every part of persons life.
It also show's that one incident can change that. Odysseus and Penelope Quotes:
Quote 1 "Their secret!"
Odysseus's and Penelope's secret is what Penelope used to test him, as he only knew it. Also show's their bond together, as he made the bed just for the two of them.
Quote 2 "As thought forever."
Show's that, even after all of the time, and trials, their love for each other is still pure. Also show's that the reward is truly worth it all. Theme:
Everything will eventually work out, as long as you persevere.
Due to Odysseus's perseverance, he eventually gained what he desired.
Also show's, that sometimes, things just work out.
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