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The E-learning Competences Module

Introduction to the E-learning Competences Module at the Lecturer Training Programme. January 2012.

Inger-Marie F. Christensen

on 6 November 2015

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Transcript of The E-learning Competences Module

Step 2
Step 3
The E-learning Competences Module
How do I get started?
Introduction at the first residential course - 11 January 2012
E-learning consultant Inger-Marie F. Christensen
Step 1
Plan and carry out an e-learning activity with your students
Mid term status in e-learn.sdu.dk by 8 May 2012
Final report - upload to e-learn.sdu.dk
Description of your activities, purpose, results and evaluation
Deadline 14 November 2012
E-learning activites are an integrated part of the course
Clear learning objectives
Passed/not passed
E-learning tools in e-learn.sdu.dk
- Web site/Knowledge base
- Joint knowledge construction
- Reflection, critical thinking
- Individual posts
Discussion board
- Dynamic discussions
- Q & A
Electronic tests
- Glossary, concepts, trivia knowledge
Assingments and feedback
Adobe Connect web conference
Live, online teaching
Use experts from abroad without costs
Geographical flexibility
Provide a space for online group work
What to do next
Book an e-learning consultant from the E-learning Unit
Contact details:
Phone: 7503
E-mail: elearn@sdu.dk

Participate in our workshops
See the online catalogue: http://www1.sdu.dk/Adm/cuu/katalog/index.php

Be inspired by the good examples at SDU
Good examples
Company report in a wiki
International Marketing Management, Sønderborg
30 students. Teacher: Anna Marie Dyhr Ulrich, Faculty of Social Science

Main challenge: Students had difficulties structuring their reports

Solution - using wikis:
- Group work
- Wikis contained problem formulation, table of contents and references
- Wiki pages were continuously updated
- Students found inspiration in the work of other groups
- Teacher and peer feedback
- Face-2-face guidance sessions

- Enhanced learning outcome
- Increased level of reflection and knowledge
- Added benefit from guidance sessions
Add a practical angle to your subject
Digital Communication at Work, Odense
72 students. Teacher: Anette Grønning. Faculty of Humanities

Main challenge: Students had little practical knowledge of digital communication
in a professional context

Solution - integrating online activities using multiple e-elarning tools:
- Our Café (Discussion forum): Contributing and responding

- Our Blog: Finding, validating and discussing resources

- Live, online group work in Adobe Connect: Presenting and discussing

- Our Wiki: Creating an overview of the accumulated knowledge

- Demanding and challenging - but enhanced learning outcome
- Teacher could follow the work and progress of students
Activate and inspire students
Modelling and Interdisciplinarity, Odense
11 students. Teacher: Uffe Thomas Jankvist, Faculty of Science

Main challenge: To increase student activity between and during lectures

Solution - Using a blog for text discussions before classes
- Distributing roles to students
- Role A: posing questions to the text on the blog
- Role B: presenting the text & answering questions
- Role C: writing and posting a summary of the discussion

From Molecule to Ecosystem, Odense
132 students
Teacher: Coen Elemans. Faculty of Science

Main challenge: To activate students outside lectures - reduce drop out

Solution - providing students with e-tests after each chapter:
- Multiple choice questions
- "Recycle" the taught material
- Tests are part of final examination: 80 % must be passed

- Students:
- positive aid that helped prepare for the exam
- more challenging - increased learning outcome
- had to study harder - did not just get the correct answers
- added stress factor: too many questions and answer options
- Teacher: e-tests helped students learn the subject
351 different posts and replies
74 blog posts and 237 comments
14 groups / recordings
8 themes based on blog contents
Blackboard Mobile Learn
An app for android, iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, BlackBerry
Mobile access to course announcements and contents
Mobile interaction via discussion fora and blogs
Upload text, audio and video files from the field
Flexible teaching and learning anywhere, anytime

Interested in testing Bb Mobile Learn on your course?
Contact the E-learning Unit
Phone: 6550 7503
Mail: elearn@sdu.dk
- Teacher:
- Experienced increased activity
- More students active
- Trained students in posing open questions
- Prepared students for exam project
- Students:
- The process added to the learning outcome
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