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The Roaring 20s - Organized Crime

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Philip White

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of The Roaring 20s - Organized Crime

The Roaring 20s Organized Crime Philip White, Samuel Chiu, Elijah Gravenhorst How did Prohibition affect the mafia? How did the mafia make money in the 1920s? The organized crime of the mafia revolved around the sale of bootleg alcohol. This means that the fuel of the mafia's crime monopoly was because of supplying illegal liquor. Who were the most powerful mafia figures of this era? Is there still a mafia today? If so, how is it different than it was in the 20's?
Al Capone made $60,000,000 a year from alcohol
He made an additional $45,000,000 from other sources Prohibition was a period of history in which the sale or ownership of alcohol was illegal. This was supported by women who did not like having their husbands coming home drunk. The actual movement was brought endorsed greatly by Morris Sheppard, as senator from Texas. (Blumenthal 9). Al Capone Albert Anselmi Tony Accardo •money laundering
•bribing police and public officials
•alcohol smuggling and distribution Members of the mafia during prohibition smuggled and sold alcohol illegally Notorious hit man Born in Marsala, Sicily Left Italy 1924 to avoid murder charges Joined forces with John Guinta and became known as the "murder twins" Both worked for Al Capone Killed during St.Valentine Massacre One of the most famous gangsters in the 1920s Dropped out of School at age 14 dealt in alcohol, police and government bribery, and prostitution. Know as the robin hood of the prohibition era Matteo Messina Denaro - Sicilian Mafia Daut Kadriovski - Albanian Mafia Served 11 years in Alcatraz prison because of tax evasion Retired in Miami in 1939 and died of nuerosyphillis at age 48 Was expelled at age 14 and joined the Circus Café gang Chang An-lo - Bamboo Union Had many nicknames such as "Joe Batters" and "The Big Tuna" Became leader of the Chicago division after Capone went to prison Lived a luxurious life style, pulled in a lot of money for his gang and himself Once the IRS started cracking down on the gangs Accardo fell back in the shadows Retired in Palm Springs California and died in 1992 at age 86 Famous gangsters like Al Capone claimed that they were only public servants who wanted to give the people a good time with alcohol. The gang wars that went on in the 20's were often fought over who would buy or sell bootleg alcohol and it could be said that they were a direct result of prohibition. (Blumenthal 91). Chang An-lo (a.k.a WhiteWolf) is head of the United Bamboo Gang The Bamboo gang is Taiwan's largest triad and focuses in areas such as Hong Kong, Vietnam, Macau etc. White Wolf is the "Dragon Head" which is what they call the leader An-lo is a very intelligent person, he has 5 separate bachelor degrees The Albanian Mafia operates in Albania, the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, and many other countries - Current godfather or "capo dei capi" of the Sicilian mafia. Albanian Mafia clans often have less than 500 members The Bamboo gang is very involved with Taiwan's government and makes billions of dollars in profit every year Kadriovski is the reputed godfather of one of fifteen Albanian Mafia families - Instead of liquor, Denaro gets his money as a "loan shark" or a person who collects debts on loaned money and works the system for his own profit. The Albanian Mafia controls much of the car theft and trafficking market in Italy - It was reported that over 25% of Sicilian
businesses were indebted to loan sharks like Denaro
in 2008. They also control much of the sex trafficking, immigrant smuggling, and heroine trade in the United Kingdom - Denaro has a reputation of living large and enjoying the benefits of a life of crime. This includes fast cars and designer sunglasses. Criminal Highlight: Famous Gangsters of the 1920′s (pg 1) (Angeles, 'Top 15 Crime Bosses') (Prohibition and the Gangsters ,http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk)
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