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Hot Tube And High Blood Pressure

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jahara johnson

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Hot Tube And High Blood Pressure

Hot Tubs And High Blood Pressure
The purpose of this project is to determine if sitting in a hot tub can have an effect on your blood pressure. This project is to discover how body science can help you learn about the connection between hot tubs and blood pressure. I chose this project because I wanted to see how heat effects a person's blood pressure.
The outcome of my project is that the hot tub had rise the blood pressure up and I divided the systolic number & the diastolic number. My hypothesis was incorrect because I thought that the blood pressure would have gone down. My initial hypothesis was the opposite of my actual results. If I would ever do this project again i would change my procedure.
1. First have someone to sit normally in a chair, Place the blood pressure monitor on your person's arm and take her blood pressure.
2. Record the person's systolic (The Top Number) and the diastolic (The Bottom Number)
3. Let the person get in the hot tub and set a timer for fifteen minutes. After fifteen minutes , take your person's blood pressure.
4. To determine the percentage difference , divide the first reading by the second reading .
5. If the number you get is larger than one , this mans that your person's blood pressure has gone up in the hot tube.
6. If you get a number that's less than one , that means that your person's blood pressure has gone down.
7. Take an average of your results to determine whether hot tubes have a tendency to increase your blood pressure.

I think if the hot tub temperature increases then the person's blood pressure will decrease. I also predict that the person's blood pressure may go down.
The purpose of this experiment is to find out which hot tubs can effect your blood pressure by sitting down. On this experiment I tested two others and I also recorded the bottom number, also the top. When I recorded the results I then divided the systolic and the diastolic. After everything was over the results came up that hot tubs can make your blood pressure go up .
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> www.drjustingallantnd.com
> www.heart.org
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