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Deploying betas to QA devices and testers.

paula waite

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of TestFlight

Deploying Apps to QA Devices and Testers

How do you push your app out for testing when you do not have easy access to the test devices?
Over the air platform for distributing beta and internal IOS apps
Launched in 2010
400,000 apps uploaded
Web-based - testflightapp.com
Manage testing
Receive tester feedback
Recent updates
Desktop version
Reporting - who installed which version when
SDK - Add to your app to gather
Session: how is app being used
Real time crash reports
Determine how far into the app testers are going, which flows are popular, what's not tested as well
Remote logging
In app updates
Desktop app is in beta

Website: testflightapp.com

Twitter: @testflightapp

Automatic ipa uploading from Xcode to TestFlight: http://developmentseed.org/blog/2011/sep/02/automating-development-uploads-testflight-xcode/

Beta Testing your iOS Application (Apple): http://bit.ly/16iqYHD

Prezi: prezi.com

Presentation: http://prezi.com/lvxoevdme80x
Team size is unlimited in TestFlight, but Apple limits you to 100 devices
API available for uploading ipa
Caution - responses to email registration from desktop as opposed to device
New devices
Other options: HockeyApp, Appaloosa, Diawi
UDID Sender in App store

Create an account/sign up with TestFlight
Create a team (can have multiple teams)
Invite team members
Gather udids from team members (in the invite)
Add devices to Apple dev portal and provisioning profile for the app
Build the iphone app (ipa)
Upload ipa to testflight
Add release notes
Distribute to team or subteam
Receive feedback
Monitor activity

Create account, invite teammates, gather udids
Add devices to the Apple developer portal and provisioning profile
Build ipa, upload, distribute, monitor

Receive invite
Sign up
Register device
Receive email from Testflight with a link to install - just click the link.
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