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Nolan Andersky - Portfolio

Professional portfolio created from diverse marketing and digital experiences. **Fullscreen mode is recommended!

Nolan Andersky

on 29 May 2016

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Transcript of Nolan Andersky - Portfolio

Nolan Andersky - Portfolio
Nolan Andersky

Brand and Channel Management
Community Management
Digital Marketing
Website Management
Content Creation/Management
Community Support
Website Experience
Digital Marketing
1.5 years
1.8 years
1.5 years
4.5 years
7.5 years
5 years
5 years
Technical Skills
Everything from A to W! Adobe to Wiki that is...
Giving back...
a true passion!
Thank you!!
Social Media
Building Relationships
Delivering an Experience
Connecting Across Mediums
Public Relations
Content creation
Working with news outlets
Copy writing
POP Displays
MarCom Calendar Formation and Maintenance
Traditional Marketing
POP Displays
Sell Sheets
Event Planning
Color Cards
Inventory Management
Form & Brochure Creation
Market Research
New Product Launches
Presentation Support
Trade Shows and Sponsorships
Budget Management, Forecasting, P&L
1 year
Retail Experience
E-Commerce &
Online Advertising
Selling doesn't just happen in stores anymore...creating a successful and innovative omnichannel experience for a diverse brand portfolio among national and international retailers.
Digital Marketing

Content Calendar Formation and Maintenance
Social Media
<1 year
Project management of launches as well as digital/social/PR support
Social Media Calendar Formation and Maintenance
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