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GSA 2013

GSA (2013/2014) Prezidio :D

Prezi SCU

on 30 May 2015

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Transcript of GSA 2013

BASIM Suez of Petroleum & Mining Engineering 3rd Year Drilling University Faculty Intended Major & Production Grarde VERY GOOD GSA Prezi Campus Ambassador Google Student Ambassador @2012/2013 @2012/2013 academic Year academic Year •Active volunteerer in Life Maker Association (Since 2011) •Member in Maaan Team for Human Resources Investment (Since 2010) •Active Member in Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) – Website Committee (Since 2010) •Head of Website Committee in American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) (2011/2012) •Participated in Start with Google Top 200 - (2011) •Participating in Imagine Cup Competition Top 100, Windows Phone Challenge (2012) •Participating in Arab MIT Competition Top 50 (2012) •Participated @iEARN Egypt First Youth Summit (2005) * UNIVERSITY INFORMATION * * CAMPUS ACTIVITIES OR
LEADERSHIP POSITION * *GENDER* Male BIRTH DATE 29th Apr 1992 MARITAL STATUS ingle E-MAIL private_basim@gsa-mena.org MOBILE +2 011 210 82428 EGYPTIAN CITY Port-Said MILITARY STATUS Postponed NUMBER 1. Grow this idea up through this program and share experience with others.
2. Guide other college students to full-use their potential and helping them put it in action. Why I wanna become a GSA for another round FIVE reasons:
3. Build new relationships with buddies who have the same affection to technology and internet.
4. Link between Google and college students to be ever up-to-date. Continue helping people in my campus as last year (being GSA) and promote the program to get BIGGER by word of mouth. -Simply, Prezi is a life style! So as a student, I want to express myself everywhere in front of everyone. For example, undergraduates need to prepare their CVs from now so the shortest & simplest way to do so, is Prezi. In addition to smart students who have the potentials to be part in such a platform helping in changing it to better and better. HENNAWI Uhh! I forgot to tell you my name!
But it's actually what I already did.
http://www.facebook.com/privatebasim https://twitter.com/private_basim http://www.linkedin.com/in/privatebasim CONTACT ME Graduation expected to be @June 2014 * CONTACT INFO * LET'S GO!! THANK YOU :) GSA MEMORIES " " Having fun dancing on Oppetroleum style with a Googley taste! " " Promoting GSA program going through the application How many one use
Google apps? :) One doesn't simply..... TAKE A LOOK ;) through the academic year :)
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