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How many minutes will U.S. high school students spend texting on their cellphones during the year

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Ryan Boucher

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of How many minutes will U.S. high school students spend texting on their cellphones during the year

How Many Minutes Will U.S
High School Students Spend Texting Each Year? Texting Today Texting is a great form of quick and easy communication. Though convenient many people are slowly becoming addicts. U.S Students send out 49 text messages a day on average and receive 50 messages. The average amount of characters per text message is 26. To mock this we texted the message "Hey whats up Cliff, hows it going." We used this message and recorded the average time to send it and read it. The total time to send the text was 10 seconds and the reader to receive it and read it was 6 seconds.
6 seconds X 50 texts recieved= 300 seconds
300/ 60seconds in a min= 5min

10 seconds X 49 texts sent= 490 seconds
490/ 60 seconds in a min= 8.16min
We then added the texts recieving average (5minutes) + the texts sent (8.16 minutes)

This equaled 13.16 minutes of texting a day

We then multiplied 13.16 minutes X 365 days a year. This equaled 4,803.4

To turn this number to minutes we multiplied the remainder (.4) X (60 seconds in a minute,
We ended with 4,803 minutes
and 24 seconds spent texting
per year
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