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Point of View

No description

Brianna Cook

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Point of View

First Person
Can be used by characters and narrators that are present in a situation
Usually uses words like I, me or my
eg "I turned away from him and punched a slightly bigger dent into my pillow so there'd be more room for my head"-Miracle Mile
what the narrator says may or may not be entirely true, and is entirely speculation
Third Person
used typically by a narrator by can also be used by a character
When used by a narrator typically uses words like they, them or uses a persons name
When used by a character they would refer to themselves by their given name
Third Person Omniscient
omniscient means to know all
this is a narrator that knows the characters, their thoughts, and feelings
In Macbeth the three witches could be seen as omniscient characters, as they predicted the future of Macbeth's and other characters lives
on our poster we depicted omniscient with a picture of God, who is all knowing.
The narrator may not participate directly
Second Person:
can be told from the narrator point of view or a character in the story
usually involves the use of "you"
"If you look at the same pictures long enough even the worst things start to feel too familiar, even boring"-Miracle Mile
Mr Robinson does not approve of shifting in to second person in our writing because it makes the writing weak
Third Person
typically told by a narrator but can be a character referring to themselves by their given name
a narrator would use words like they, them or refer to the group by a name(ie college student)
for example: "College Students need to study more often"
Third Person Limited:
this is used by a narrator
this narrator can only infer by what he or she hears, sees, touches, smells,or tastes.
In miracle mile in many cases, mike can be seen as a limited omniscient narrator. he talks about burner but cannot have any way of knowing Burner's thoughts or true feelings
the narrator does not know the thoughts or personal feelings of the character
Point of View
Jessie, Caitlyn, and Brianna

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