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Figurative Language Game Show: Play Me a Tune

No description

Holly Chaker

on 7 June 2015

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Transcript of Figurative Language Game Show: Play Me a Tune

Figurative Language Game Show: Play Me a Tune
Game Time!
Click on the YouTube video below to begin the game. Click the "pause" button on the screen after each song clip. Collaborate with your partner for questions 1-10 and then record your answer. (You will work independently for questions 11-31.) After answering each question, click the "play" button to reveal the answer. Once the answer is revealed, put a check mark by correct responses and an "X" by incorrect answers.
How Did You Do?
28-31 Answers Correct:
You're a Pro
25-27 Answers Correct:
You're Almost at the Top
21-24 Answers Correct:
You're Getting There
17-20 Answers Correct:
It's Time to Review
0-16 Answers Correct:
Let Your Teacher Be Your Guide

Before Beginning the Game:

1. Take out a sheet of loose-leaf paper and number from 1-31. Be certain to put your name on your work.
2. Select a partner. You and your parnter will collaborate on questions 1-10 and then you will be on your own. Good luck!

Today, you will test your figurative language skills by playing a fun game. You will analyze lines from popular songs to determine the figurative language used in the lyrics.
Need Additional Help???
Replay the game or click on the video clip below for a reteaching exercise. It includes definitions of figurative language and examples from songs.
(White, 2013)
Jlo99999, 2013

Jlo99999 (Producer). (2013, August 30). Figurative language examples in
songs: Part 1 [Video file]. Retrieved October 22, 2014, from https://

White, B. (Producer). (2013, April 12). Figurative language game show [Video
file]. Retrieved October 22, 2014, from https://www.youtube.com/watch?
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