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Create an Image Based on a Theme Within the Hair and Beauty Sector.

Unit 212.

Hannah Ratcliffe

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of Create an Image Based on a Theme Within the Hair and Beauty Sector.

Create an Image Based on a Theme Within the Hair and Beauty Sector.
Unit 212

Mood boards are a visual picture of the design for you image.

The mood board will provide an overall feel or flow to illustrate your thinking about your theme.

Through the mood board you can communicate your ideas for a theme to your tutor and colleagues.
What are mood boards?
Your mood board may include a range of components including:

•samples (fabric, beads, feathers, sequins etc)
•colour samples
Images for mood boards
A major part of your mood board will be images so that you can give a visual feel to your ideas.
•Magazines (See the section on Journals on your It's Learning to find out more)
You can get these through a range of sources including:

The first steps before you even begin to search is to think very carefully about what images you want to find and what search terms you will use to find images that match.
Hairdressing is about creativity and innovation, combining a variety of skills to produce design images
for fashion magazines, catwalks. theatre, film, or anything you want. Within this unit you will learn how to plan and develop an image with mood boards, working independently and as part of a team.
This unit is about hard work, effective planning using you imagination and having fun!
Getting started.......
In this example we are going to research a zebra theme.
The first step is to think about what search terms to use for this.
These may include:

•zebra textiles
•zebra fashion
•zebra body paint or zebra body painting
•zebra face paint or zebra face painting
•zebra nail art
•zebra eyes
•zebra lips
•zebra makeup
Set the theme.....
Historical look
Images reflecting an era.
Start with a mood board around your theme- you need to plan your colours, moods, and play with the overall feel, to see what works and what does not.
Create a Mood board.
Create an image on a block.
Practical assessment: create an image competition!!

Task 1: Produce a mood board
Create a mood board for a theme- based image for one of the following:
• A competition
• Themed event
• Special event

The theme based image should include one of the following:
• An historical look
• Special occasion

To complete the mood board, you are required to outline:
1. The purpose of the mood board and how you chose to present it.
2. How concepts and ideas were developed to create the image.
3. A description of how technical skills will be used for creating the image
4. How the idea would be advertised to others.

Pictures/photos or drawings of the looks from research and development of the design plan should be included.
creating your mood board
Completing the activities in class will help.
What is an image?
'A vivid description or representation'
'An overall look'
When would we create one?
fashion shoots
2. Purpose of a Mood board and How to present the Mood board to others.
What about body art?
4. Developing concepts and ideas.
2. The purpose of a mood board and how to present it.
3. How to pick out media images to create a theme
4.Developing concepts and ideas.

describe the technical skills that will be used to create your image
Advertise your idea to others
for your assignment you need too:
other skills:
look at the image......
You have 10 minutes
present to the class
How can we do it???
Ask other people
Class mates
Bringing it all together..
Today we will...
Look at what you have to do for your assessments for this unit.
Look at the purpose of mood boards and how to present them
How to identify media images to create a theme.
We will be developing your concepts and ideas
Ask ourselves
Today we will....
Look at and identify technical skills for your image.
Look at advertising/presenting.
Start to develop your mood board.
work on developing your ideas and concepts
what skills will you need to create your image?
As part of your practical assessment you need to :
evaluate the effectiveness of your theme based image
this is 'self evaluation'
In pairs
Give one example of non verbal communication.
Give one example of good verbal communication.
Which mood board is most effective?
Why? write a list.......
Pick your theme
Write a list of search words
Research your images and ideas
20 minutes
Collect images
Create your mood board
What are we going to learn?
Why are we learning it?
All about mood boards
To create your own
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