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10 Things I Like

No description

Jennifer Guerrero

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of 10 Things I Like

Things I Don't Like...
Most of all I hate when people are rude to me or my family. I hate rude people.
One thing I really hate is doing chores. Who likes doing chores?Nobody does. Chores aren't really important so what's the point in doing them.
Looking at stars at night.
I hate annoying orange.It's so annoying!! We all know food or fruits can't really talk and they have weird eyes and faces. And these annoying voices you can't get out of your head.
I don't like the sound the chalkboard makes. It really annoying and gets me mad.
I hate when the waves take me away at the beach. Your swimming and all of a sudden you see a big wave and you get up and try to run from it and it's to fast and it just knocks you down. Before you know it your trying to reach the top of the water.
6 Things I Like And 6 Things I Don't Like

I really enjoy drawing. I like drawing because it makes me take my mind of everything. Most of all I like it because I only have to focus on one thing.
Not all people like video games ,but I do. I especially like shooting games because....well it's fun shooting things. I also like watching t.v.
I like listening to Ariana Grande, Bruno Mars, Selena Gomez, and Taylor Swift. Most of all I like Miley Cyrus. One of her songs I really like is Wrecking ball.
Watching t.v and playing video games.
I like looking at stars because you could see different types of constellation. They are a lot of shapes. Two of the ones I really like are the scorpio constellation and the draco constellation.
Like everyone else I love sleeping in. I hate waking up at 6:30 during the weekdays just to get to school on time. If I had a choice I would sleep all day everyday.
One of the most things I like is watching fireworks. Even though the sound of the fireworks popping up in the sky is scary I love staying up on the 4th of July just to see all the bright and colorful fireworks.
I hate homework! It's to hard! And what's the point in doing homework if you do hard stuff at school?
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