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MADD Marketing Plan

No description

Sheheryar Ahsan

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of MADD Marketing Plan

Mothers Against
Drunk Driving M.A.D.D Sheheryar Ahsan Don't Drive MADD, Drive Safe! Basic Information Is a Not-For-Profit organization.

Has been established and operational since May 7, 1980.

Taken care of by the members of different communities who all share a mutual goal. Brand Identification Don't Drive MADD, Drive Safe! The logo has been made a family car because we want to give more of an emotional appeal.

The slogan will be successful because it has the name of the organization placed in the middle of it also, it has another message to it. Target Market The Target market is people ages 19+.

Heavy to medium users of alcohol.

Live in areas where drinking and driving is becoming a progressive issue. Organization Goal The main goal that our organization has is to increase the number of donations and the amount of money being donated.

This can be achieved by raising awareness about our organization and informing people about the seriousness and risks of drunk driving. Research Data 28/60 males are willing to donate towards this organization.

32/40 females are willing to donate towards this organization. Strengths/Opportunities Most of the services provided are free.

This organization is well optimized to be successful through penetration pricing. Merchandise makes it easier to advertise through the consumer.

If we use specialty media advertising, we will be raising awareness and making profit with more pace. Marketing Strategies Service can be used by people by calling us at our help line or coming to our meetings/events.
Services are divided in categories some are exclusive (members only) some are for anyone, which include victims or people who just wish to learn more about us.

Members receive discounts on therapy sessions which are $50 for non members and $25 for members.
T-Shirts will also be sold for $10 each and all proceeds will go back to helping the organization expand.

Promotion will be done through the internet, out of home advertising, and specialty media advertising.
These 3 will be used because they are the perfect ways to approach our target market. Marketing Strategies We will distribute info flyers at the point of purchase in some stores.
It will be stores in which our target market is more likely to shop at.

We don't have organizations directly competing with us.
Our indirect competitors are Alcoholics Anonymous, however we offer a better USP then them. Thanks for watching! :D
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